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Why join the ACS Insight Lab?

As an ACS member we value your opinion. Your feedback helps improve the quality of our products, programs, and services. As a member of the ACS Insight Lab you can participate in surveys and discussions to offer guidance and perspective to help shape the future of the Society and the broader chemistry community.

Members of the ACS Insight Lab participate in two activities per month, such as evaluating an ACS product like ACS Presentations On-Demand, commenting on discussion boards about networking experiences and testing web applications like the ACS online membership renewal processes. They are also provided exclusive ACS sneak peeks and sent the exclusive “Lab Report” newsletter, which tells them how their feedback is making a difference in ACS offerings. As an added bonus – active participants are entered to win $100 each month.

All ACS members are welcome to be a part of this online community!

How to become an ACS Insight Lab member?

  1. Click “JOIN TODAY” below
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  3. Go through the steps to create your online profile
  4. Check your email and click the activation link
  5. You’re now an ACS Insight Lab member!