Membership Process and Categories

Please either complete the online membership application, or if you are paying with any method other than credit or purchase card, download the application forms and mail or fax to:

American Chemical Society
Member Services
PO Box 82229
Columbus, OH 43202-9906

Phone: 800-333-9511 (US only); 614-447-3776 (outside the US)
: 614-447-3891

Application Forms:

Membership Dues

2018 Membership dues are as follows:

  • Regular or Reinstating Member $171.00 USD
  • Graduate Student Member $85.50 USD
  • First Year Graduate Student Member $42.75 USD
  • Undergraduate Student Member
    Without C&EN $28.00 USD
    With C&EN electronic or print delivery $56.00 USD
  • Non-Scientist/Society Affiliate $171.00 USD

Membership Categories

ACS offers four categories of membership:

  • Regular Member - A person that has a degree or certification in chemical or related sciences; or certification as a teacher of a chemical science.
  • Graduate Student Member - A person who is a full-time graduate student, majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline, shall be entitled to a discount of one-half of the membership dues. Special student subscription prices for most journals are available. Please note: Post Doctoral Work is not eligible for the graduate student discount.
  • Undergraduate Student Member - A person actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline.
  • Non-Scientist/Society Affiliate - A person who is not eligible to become a member of the Society but whose major vocational effort is directly concerned with the practice of a chemical science.


Recent Graduate Discount - A person graduating with a bachelor’s degree in a chemical science may apply for membership within one year from the date of graduation to receive a discount of one-half of the membership dues.