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An Essential ELEMENT

Chemists are like the elements
All are different but each is equally important.
Diversity and inclusion are essential to any solution.
ACS is proud to foster both.
How are YOU inclusive?
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Advancing ACS' Core Value of Diversity, Respect & Inclusion

Take a closer look at the array of resources to advance diversity, inclusion & respect in the sciences. Let's work together!

Our Diverse Communities

Take a closer look at the array of opportunities ACS offers to represent diversity, inclusion and respect in the sciences. Let's work together!

Closing the Gap

The ACS collects and distributes data about racial, ethnic and gender disparities and works tirelessly to implement effective programs and initiatives to close these gaps in the classroom and in the chemistry-related workforce.

Race/Ethnicity of Domestic ACS Members:


Degrees Earned in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering by Gender: 2012


Creating Opportunities

True diversity and inclusion happens through action. ACS and its members prove their committment through a variety of initiatives that include educational programs, awards, and other activities.

Diversity Awards

Travel awards, scholarships, recognition awards and more for underreprented minorities can be found here.

ACS Scholars

Scholarships for underrepresented minority students who want to enter chemistry or chemistry-related fields.


The inside scoop on job opportunities and ACS' ongoing efforts to make the chemistry community inclusive and representative of all people.

Project SEED

A summer research program that opens new doors for economically disadvantaged high school students wishing to experience what it’s like to be a chemist.

Partner Organizations

ACS Partner Organizations are groups that collaborate with ACS in our mission to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the chemical enterprise. This is done through mutual promotion, high visibility at national conferences, and joint projects.