Industry Events & Meetings

ACS’ twice-yearly National Meetings provide your best opportunities to fast-track innovation and stay at the front of your field. They are too important to your company—and your career advancement for you to miss.

Have you been missing your best opportunities?

If you haven’t attended, here are just a few of the many “industry hot button” topics you missed at the most recent meeting:

  • A plenary panel on megatrends and megaproblems in the utilization of two critical natural resources: fuels and water…including the so-called “four horsemen of the advanced biofuels apocalypse”
  • Radical Frontiers in Catalysis presented by Harvard’s Theodore Betley
  • Miniaturization in Chemistry: (sub)-Nanoscale Synthesis, Analysis & Application panel, featuring innovations from industry and academic scientists, from flow chemistry to high throughput screening and synthesis, to application in a pilot plant.
  • Synthetic Biology Applied to Natural and Unnatural Product Pathways panel, including New “recipes” for biocatalysis…New tools and applications for microbial natural product discovery… Adapting the retrograde evolution hypothesis to build new biosynthetic pathways for unnatural molecules…and more.

ACS Green Chemistry Institute® convenes companies from across the world to form industrial roundtables to focus on the science of sustainable and green chemistry and its implementation. The Roundtables meet regularly to set and work on their objectives. In this collaborative forum, companies can benchmark progress, develop uniform tools, identify key research areas, award funding, give input to policy-setting organizations, and author papers on projects and initiatives, among other projects.

Spring 2015 National Meeting & Expo

March 22-26, 2015  | Denver, CO

Thousands of chemical professionals will come together for the upcoming 249th ACS National Meeting & Exposition to explore the overarching multidisciplinary theme of Chemistry of Natural Resources.

Join us for this 5-day meeting packed with learning opportunities that will enrich your experience and cultivate new ideas and new contacts.