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Market Overview: Biotechnology employment is increasing faster than many other fields, but it is still a relatively small field. As the field matures, there is more demand for production and scale-up to make biologics in bulk and thus more demand for chemical engineers with a biological background. There is also a growing demand for chemists with a four-year undergraduate degree to sell and market these new products.

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Clinical Chemistry

ACS Awards:
BIOT Industrial Biotechnology Award

From ACS National Meetings:
(Session) Natural Products for Health and Pharmaceuticals and Biotech (members only)


Market Overview:
Demand for chemists in the oil and petroleum industry varies along with the price of oil and natural gas. When prices are high, companies expand their exploratory efforts and hire more chemists. Currently, demand is strong at all degree levels, especially for bachelor and master’s level petroleum engineers.

ACS Committees:
Environmental Improvement
Petroleum Research Fund Advisory Board

ACS Awards:
Distinguished Researcher Award
Henry H. Storch Award in Fuel Science
R.C. Glenn Award

From ACS National Meetings:

Chemistry & Materials for Energy (2014)

Green Chemistry

Exploration of trends and tools for incorporating Green Chemistry principles into business and industry.

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