Best Practices for ACS Local Section Senior Groups

The activities described below were collected from the 2011 Local Section Annual Reports and are being shared so that other senior groups may use these ideas. Local sections are encouraged to consider adopting one or more of these activities. The local section reporting these activities may be able to provide more details.

Senior Chemists Committee – Georgia Local Section

To assess the extent of interest, and availability of the nearly 200 retired and emeritus ACS members in the Georgia Section, to engage in the work of the Section. These members were invited to a luncheon in which the first 10 responders were offered a free lunch. The Section Chair presented an overview of the activities in which the Section engages. Please see the attached proposal.

Younger Chemists Committee – New York Local Section

The Younger Chemists' Committee sponsored its first research symposium on March 19, 2011. Six oral and 36 poster presentations were made at the Symposium. Topics covered were solar energy, biofuels, surface chemistry and synthesis of therapeutics. Prof. Ronald Breslow, past president of ACS, gave a keynote address on molecular electronics. Attending were high school students to senior scientists. YCC also held a social mixer in June to enable its members to mingle and network. 20 attended.

Ole Miss Local Section

The Ole Miss local section hosted a Student Awards Banquet in April, 2011 to recognize the academic and research achievements of students in the chemical sciences in the local section. Twenty-five students were recognized. This event not only brought new students to chemistry as a major and to ACS as members, but also re-energized senior members whose participation had dropped off in recent years.

Eminent Scientists of Oklahoma – Oklahoma Local Section

Nationally-vetted scientists residing inside Oklahoma were identified so that they can give talks to the public and to scientists outside their immediate disciplines. The ACS provided a central point around which all the sciences could organize. As part of this program, we collaborated with a local television program to film some of these scientists, so that their stories can be shown to the general public, multiple times on the air in the future. Many of these are senior scientists.

Senior Chemists Committee – San Diego Local Section

Senior Chemists Breakfasts are held quarterly, and are free-wheeling social occasions for seniors, consultants, retirees and unemployed members. Spouses and friends of members are also invited.

Detroit Local Section

Detroit Kids & Chemistry participated in a variety of programs in 2011, ranging from classroom visits to museum events with 10 different hands-on experiments. More than 65 volunteers, ranging from student members to retirees, engaged in these outreach activities which brought the excitement of chemistry to almost 1,000 kids and their family members.

Pittsburgh Local Section

The Pittsburgh Chemists Club, formerly the Retired Chemists Club acts as a networking and social support group for chemists. The group provides a means for chemists to meet and exchange information concerning chemical developments, employment, and other opportunities. The Club met in March, May, September, October, and November of 2011.

North Jersey Local Section

Two hundred and fifteen volunteers representing grade school, high school, college, and university teachers and their students, and industrial and retired chemists from the North Jersey Section reached out to the general public in celebration of National Chemistry Week 2011 on October 22 at the 17th Annual ChemExpo held at the Liberty Science Center. The nine hundred and sixty seven attendees at the event learned that chemistry plays an important role in everyday life.

New York Local Section

The Retired Chemists Group of the ACS NY Section hosted the annual 50 & 60 Year ACS member Luncheon on May 19, 2011 at Petrossian's Restaurant in New York City. Eighteen 50 & 60 year members attended the luncheon with their family members. It was a great opportunity to recognize their long term membership and contributions to the ACS and NY local section. It also provided a pleasant networking opportunity among participants.

Chemical Society of Washington

The CSW Retired Chemists Group enjoyed lunch in the DC Newseum on April 8, then spent the afternoon touring the exhibits. In August, the Retired Chemists Group took the amphibious "DC Ducks" tour of downtown Washington and the Potomac River, followed by lunch at Union Station. And on October 25, the Retired Chemists Group held a luncheon at Pier 7 Restaurant in Washington, DC. Officers for 2012 were installed. Author Charles F. Bingman spoke on "China's Government and Economy: A Visit to the Dark Side".

Orange County Local Section

The Orange County section’s National Chemistry Week celebration was held on October 16, 2011, at the Santa Ana Zoo. This is a small zoo with many educational programs, which has been cooperating with our local section continuously since the late 1990s for NCW. Our collaboration for the event involves 12-13 college groups (Student Affiliate groups plus students from chemistry classes at some schools), a high school group, retired chemists and local section members, and people on the zoo staff.