OLLI at Duke Seeking Senior Chemists

OLLI (The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) at Duke University offers non-credit classes in a wide variety of subjects to more than 1900 adult (mostly retired) learners.  We are always looking for teachers for our many courses.

The normal length of a course is 10 lectures in the Fall and Winter terms and 6 lectures in the Spring term.   Normally classes meet for 1½ hours.   Teachers are paid $300 for a 10 lecture class or $150 for a 6 lecture class.   Many OLLI teachers teach for free.   There are no exams at OLLI-just learning for the fun of it.  We’ve recently had classes on Einstein and the Quantum, Organic Chemistry and Radioactivity.

If you’d like more information about joining our community of learners and teachers please contact Phil Carl at pcarl@bellsouth.net.