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Are you prepared to allocate all of your savings in your later years to assisted living or nursing home facility care, home health care, and/or adult day care? If you want your savings to remain intact in case the need for these types of care arises, you may want to invest in a Long Term Care policy, which will either pay up front or quickly reimburse you for extended care expenses, leaving your savings intact for other purposes. With Long-Term Care Insurance in place, you’ll have a resource for finding quality care and developing a plan.

Through our partnership with Long Term Care Resources (LTCR), members are eligible for coverage that can help fund care for themselves, their spouse, their parents and their grandparents.

Members also have access to LTCRplus, a program that can help you and your family members: 

  • Evaluate all options to pay for care, including plans with exclusive group discounts. New solutions continue to emerge, and this program grants access to all of the top carriers and latest product designs, including plans that provide benefits if long-term care is never used
  • Find the best care providers or facility based on specific needs
  • Assess a current care situation to make sure proper care is received
  • Gain access to vast legal resources, including customized wills, medical directives, and more

For more information or speak to a licensed Long-Term Care specialist call 844.582.7587.To receive your free comprehensive LTC planning kit visit

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