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Long Term Care Insurance


Are you prepared to allocate all of your savings in your later years to assisted living or nursing home facility care, home health care, and/or adult day care? If you want your savings to remain intact in case the need for these types of care arises, you may want to invest in a Long Term Care policy, which will either pay up front or quickly reimburse you for extended care expenses, leaving your savings intact for other purposes. With Long-Term Care Insurance in place, you’ll have a resource for finding quality care and developing a plan.

The Long-Term Care program offered by the ACS Member Insurance Program leverages the buying power of the ACS to provide special discounts that you cannot obtain on your own. These discounts can save you hundreds of dollars per year and thousands over the life of a policy.

Through our partnership with Long-Term Care Resources, you have access to:

  • An extensive list of Long-Term Care plan choices to meet your unique needs
  • A national network of Long-Term Care specialists to explain features, costs, and benefits
  • Multiple highly rated, secure insurance carriers with experience in the Long-Term Care Insurance market

For more information or to apply, please call a licensed Long-Term Care specialist at 1-800-616-8759, where you may also request a Long-Term Care Planning Guide to help you determine if Long-Term Care Insurance is right for you.

Long Term Care Resources
Phone: 800-616-8759

ACS Plan Administrator
Pearl Insurance
1200 East Glen Avenue
Peoria Heights, IL 61616-5348

Phone: 800-752-0179
Hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Central)

Insurance Underwriter:
We select from the top (25+) highly rated, financially secure carriers in the Long-Term Care Insurance market, with 10 years’ minimum experience.