International Life Insurance

International Term Life Insurance 


The International Term Life Insurance plan is guaranteed admittance which means you cannot be turned down. The plan provides international members with help that ensures that you and your loved ones are financially protected in the event of your demise. The coverage is currently available in 67 countries. The International Term Life Insurance plan is offered in partnership with Clements Worldwide, a leading provider of international insurance solutions.

As little at $12.31 USD can provide $50,000 USD of protection. Coverage amounts are as high as $500,000 USD but the first 60 days of all plans is only $1 USD.

  • Portable coverage
  • No medical exam or blood tests required.
  • Guaranteed admittance equals instant protection.
  • Coverage for death as a result of illness*, accidents and acts of war and terrorism
  • Continuous coverage to age 71 
  • Quick and easy online enrollment

Active ACS members** are eligible to enroll in the guaranteed-issue intrenational term life insurance plan. First 60 days of coverage for only $1!

For more information refer to the International Term Life Information Sheet.  View the list of participating countries to learn where coverage is currently available.

*6 month waiting period applies to death as a result of illness; accidental death is coverage from date of enrollment.
** Must be between ages of 18-65 to enroll.

Program not available to members in the U.S., Canada, or Puerto Rico

ACS International Term Life Insurance Coverage Limit Chart

Monthly Premium Limit
109.00 500,000
55.00 250,000
48.20 200,000
33.00 150,000
22.00 100,000
18.30 75,000
12.31 50,000

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