Property/Casualty Insurance Plans

Property and Casualty
Insurance Plans

Accidents happen all the time—whether you’re driving a car, making home repairs, or taking cover from a storm, you never know when a serious or damaging accident might occur. It’s a good thing your ACS membership provides you with access to property and casualty insurance. This coverage helps protect your finances from the expense caused by an accident or weather-related incident that damages your home, car, or personal property, or that causes bodily injury.

No matter how hard you work, people make mistakes and this world is an ever-increasingly litigious one. If a client ever files a suit claiming you did not satisfactorily fulfill your professional and/or contractual obligations, professional liability insurance—also known as errors and omissions insurance—will help protect you, your finances, and your career.

Chemical Educators Legal Liability helps protect educators against risks within classrooms, teaching and research labs and community outreach activities. 

Auto & Homeowners from MetLife Auto & Home® provides you with access to insurance coverage for your personal insurance needs. Call today to inquire about the discounts your entitled to.

Professional Liability Insurance offers a customized plan for Chemists who are consultants.

Commercial Business Insurance offers a broad suite of business liability insurance products to protect you from everyday risks and lawsuits. 

Special Event Cancellation and Liability Insurance, you can rest easy knowing your private or corporate* event and finances are covered if the unexpected happens.

*Corporate events may only be covered under the Liability Plan