Technical Divisions

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Join any of the 32 ACS Technical Divisions to stay up to date with new developments in your area of specialization.  Technical Division membership not only provides members a forum for networking but an environment for collaboration and innovation.

As a first-time member of ACS, you are eligible to join up to three Technical Divisions and receive a free one-year membership into each one.*


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Networking Opportunities

Technical Divisions are an ideal place for scientists and professionals to engage and collaborate with colleagues and share knowledge with the scientific community.

Meetings and Technical Programming

ACS National Meetings

Most ACS divisions meet in conjunction with the Society's semiannual national meetings. The divisions provide the technical programming and scientific content of the national meetings, including symposia and general sessions, as well as workshops, tutorials, and demonstrations.

Prior to each national meeting, many divisions send their members abstracts or preprints of papers to be presented during their portion of the meeting program. This gives you an extra professional edge in identifying the technical sessions and symposia that are most important to your work.

Beyond ACS National Meetings

Divisions may also meet apart from the national meetings - either independently or with other national and international groups in their field. The resulting divisional meetings, national conferences, and international congresses provide additional forums for in-depth exploration of the current issues in your area of specialization. Some divisions also organize topical symposia at ACS regional meetings.

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