Local Section Outreach Volunteers of the Year - 2014

Judith Iriarte-Gross

Nashville Local Section

For more than 25 years Judith has dedicated her life to encouraging students in STEM careers. She has presented more than 200 workshops, organized more than 50 Science Events/or outreach activities, served on numerous ACS committees, served on numerous local committees representing chemistry, the ACS, and MTSU. She spends many hours after work, on weekends, and vacation time planning and excuting outreach events all over Tennessee.

Image of Judith Iriarte-Gross

Edith Preciosa Kippenhan

Toledo Local Section

After 15 dynamic years as elected officer on Toledo Executive Committee (Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair), Edith is leaving the EC yet will continue to actively volunteer.  NCW Coordinator since 2002, she implemented event partnerships with Toledo Zoo and now Toledo Imagination Station; she acted as CCED coordinator and Membership Chair for multiple years.  On several community committees (AAWS, NWOSTEM, YBTC), she works with area schools to promote ACS and science education. She serves as faculty advisor for University of Toledo Student ACS Chapter since 2006 (visiting area schools for chemistry demonstrations; hosting campus visits by groups/prospective students; campus programs).

Image of Edith Preciosa Kippenhan

Maria R. Kriz

Savannah River Local Section

Maria Kriz has been an active participant of the ACS Savannah River Local Section since moving to the area 3 years ago. She consistently volunteers for ACS outreach events and can always be counted on to lend a hand for section activities. In 2012, Maria led the local section's IPG project, which was "ACS at the Movies". She planned a total of six events that hosted a speaker and a showing of a science related movie. In 2013, she has served as our newsletter editor, and in 2014 will serve as our Publicity Chair.

Image of Maria R. Kriz

Michael Kemp Longmire

Alabama Local Section

Michael has served as president of the student ACS chapter at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Under his leadership, the UAB chapter was recognized as a commendable chapter in 2012. He has participated actively in outreach activities sponsored by the Alabama Section, in events such as chemical demonstrations at the local science museum.

Image of Michael Kemp Longmire

Catherine E. MacGowan

Coastal Georgia Local Section

For the past 20 years, Dr. MacGowan has championed outreach efforts to local K-12 schools and the community for the Coastal Georgia Local Section reaching untold number of young scientists. She has led our efforts reaching thousands in the community as Earth Day and National Chemistry Week coordinator throughout the years.

Image of Catherine E. MacGowan

Alex Madonik

California Local Section

Dr. Madonik is an active member and Councilor of the California Section. He was key to the 1998 Western Regional Meeting, raising funds and chairing a symposium. He is the Section leader in sustainability issues and science education. With Miranda Wu he initiated our Family Science Night program in 1997; it continues with his leadership today. He also leads our significant National Chemistry Week activities. He initiated Science Saturdays and our involvement in the SF Bay Area Science Fair. He has also created our involvements in The Solano Stroll (w/ >100,000 attendees) and Discovery Days. The list could go on.

Image of Alex Madonik

Regina Marie Malczewski

Midland Local Section

Regina is extraordinarily active in driving nearly all of the many outreach programs in our section (average of two per month!). She also worked diligently to find a new storage area for our outreach supplies and equipment, negotiated a price, and orchestrated moving all of our supplies to the new facility. She has driven several novel outreach concepts, such as Loco for Cocoa: The Chemistry of Chocolate, Carnival Science, Diet Coke and Mentos Mania, Scientific Wonder and Artful Genius and many others. She has also kept the team of volunteers motivated and organized a recognition event for all of them.

Image of Regina Marie Malczewski

Ajay Mallia

Chemical Society of Washington Local Section

Dr. Ajay Mallia has served CSW in different roles and helped in volunteering his time to reach out to the community.  In 2013, under his leadership, CSW participated in Anacostia Environmental outreach activity participated by 400 DC high school students. To generate interests from members Dr. Mallia organized Mole day and Halloween celebration as part of National chemistry week and demonstrated ‘Halloween themed’ chemistry experiments. Other than the outreach activities Dr. Mallia organized networking events, career workshops, and chemistry lab tours at museums. He also served as CSW-SEED chair and an active volunteer at other CSW CCED and NCW activities.

Image of Ajay Mallia

Joseph A. Martino III

Philadelphia Local Section

Joe is heavily involved in ACS outreach. He has been instrumental in the activities of the Career Services Committee of the Philadelphia Local Section for more than 3 years. He is currently the Chair of that committee. He was a co-founder/and chair of the NJ/PA Life Science and Chemistry Careers Focus Group. He has been a judge for the Delaware Science Fairs and a Career Consultant for the National ACS. He is also a consultant for CEPA.

Image of Joseph A. Martino III

V. Michael Mautino

Pittsburgh Local Section

Michael has served as the NCW representative for the ACS Pittsburgh Section for a number of years. In his role, he works closely with the Carnegie Science Center to plan and carry out National Chemistry Week programs that highlight the role of chemistry in our society. Michael also encourages attendance at NCW programs with many local school districts in Pittsburgh and in the surrounding areas. Michael's impact on our NCW activities is evident from the high level of participation and the number of students who attend the programs each year. We strongly recommend Michael as the Pittsburgh Section Outreach Volunteer.

Image of V. Michael Mautino

Natalie L. McClure

Santa Clara Valley Local Section

She has been a long-time planner and participant in most of the outreach activities of our local section including experiments for children in homelss shelters, Tech-Trex for young girls, NCW, Project SEED and the outreach events at the recent Western Regional Meeting.

Image of Natalie L. McClure

Marcie J. Merritt

Portland Local Section

Marcie Merritt, Membership Chair, encouraged membership renewal by email but discovered that routine email notices to members bounced—local section members did not receive notices. Ms. Merritt determined that the root cause of the email bounces was that mail clients purposely blocked mass emails coming from a single IP address. Ms. Merritt sent postcards and personally phoned and visited members to encourage membership renewal. At the 2013 Leadership Training Conference in Dallas she helped other local section representatives understand why their emails often bounced. For this extraordinary outreach effort with local section members and Society colleagues Marcie merits this award.

Image of Marcie J. Merritt

Sally Button Mitchell

Central New York Local Section

Exuberance. It is that one word that describes Sally Mitchell's presence - all of the time. Sally coordinates the HS Chemistry Clubs in the area, is the chair of CCED, leads highway cleanup activities, partners with the Chemistry and Science Olympiads, and is an overall incredibly involved past chair of the local CNY Section. Her award winning activities motivate section members to stay active and to get involved by practicing what she teaches. Sally is a champion and mentor for involvement throughout in all aspects of the ACS, from National through local governance.

Image of Sally Button Mitchell

Mark Mitchell

Georgia Local Section

Dr. Mark Mitchell recently served as co-chair of the Southeastern Regional ACS Meeting hosted by our section (Local Georgia Section) this past November.  He had an active role in overall planning and execution of the meeting, and, in particular, was personally responsible for assembling, editing and printing of the meeting program book.  His contributions were particularly appreciated because he enthusiastically assumed more responsibilities than he was originally assigned. The meeting drew in over 1400 attendees with more than 1100 papers being presented.

Image of Mark Mitchell

Edward M. Movitz

Ole Miss Local Section

Edward oversees all outreach activities including: local science fairs, Earth Day activities, and class room exhibitions.

Image of Edward M. Movitz

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