Congratulations to the 2018 awardees!

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Read awardees' individual profiles below, alphabetized by local section.


Akron Section

Jim Duddey

Jim Duddey has been the local section's councilor on and off since he joined section in 1992. Jim has been staying on top of the issues that the local section has been facing since his arrival.

Image of Jim Duddey


Emily Hardy

While a graduate student at Auburn University, Emily Hardy has been integral to encouraging and inspiring young students in south Alabama with an active role in outreach. A leader in the local sections of the National Organization for Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) and the Association of Women in Science (AWIS), she has been a volunteer, demonstrator, and event organizer for programs for K-12 students like STEM Discovery Days, Auburn University AUExplore!, Girl Scout Pi Days, Auburn Junior Mad Scientist Days, Auburn Summer Science Institutes, and L.A.D.I.E.S. (Leading Auburn in Developing Interest in Experimental Science).

Image of Emily Hardy

Baton Rouge

George Stanley

Professor George Stanley has led the LSU/Baton Rouge ACS Chem Demo program for 20 years. Chem Demo is a Chemistry Road Show that goes to area schools and conducts an hour-long fun, exciting, and educational chemistry demonstration. The Chem Demo Program is staffed by students from LSU. Many of these students developed a passion for teaching chemistry at the Chem Demo program and went on to be chemistry teachers. Chem Demo has sent out 15,101 LSU undergraduates who visited 7,222 classrooms, affecting more than 180,000 K-12 students.

Image of George Stanley

Binghamton Section

Benjamin Turnpenny

During the last three years, Dr. Turnpenny has helped build and implement entire outreach experiences for local K-12 schools. Last year, he helped create a CheMistery scenario with forensic-based rotation stations. This semester, he helped create a National Chemistry Week Chemistry Rocks! outreach experience, which has been implemented in four schools – with Dr. Turnpenny acting as the MC for each event. Through his role as webmaster, he was also actively involved in organizing and hosting the Binghamton NERM 2016. Dr. Turnpenny’s passion and dedication to the local section, university and community is commendable. His work has engaged and inspired young students in the community.

Image of Benjamin Turnpenny

Brazosport Section

Shannon Phillips

Dr. Shannon Phillips has been actively involved in the Brazosport Local Section's outreach events at local libraries and museums for the past few years. This included identifying and designing exciting hands-on science experiments for the students and supporting STEAM activities in Brazosport high schools. She was also involved in creating awareness about various ACS resources and scholarships that deserving high school teachers and students could benefit from.

Image of Shannon Phillips

California Section

Mark Frishberg

Dr. Mark Frishberg is the local section’s Walter Petersen Award recipient for Outstanding Service. He chairs the Career Assistance Committee and staffs the Interview Workshop Team. He also participates in Family Science Nights, National Chemistry Week activities and other outreach events. Dr. Frishberg is an ACS Fellow and his experience includes election to the Policy Committee and service on six committees: Divisional Activities, Membership Affairs, Constitution & Bylaws, Communications and Public Relations, LSA, and the YCC. Mark has had an on-going role as a career consultant and workshop presenter. He was a nominee for ACS President-Elect in 2017 but did not progress to final candidacy.

Image of Mark Frishberg

Carolina-Piedmont Section

Lauren Gray Woods

Dr. Lauren Gray Woods is a volunteer adviser of the Appalachian State University Chemistry Club that she started in 2016. Since then, the Appalachian State University Chemistry Club, under her guidance, has been involved in many outreach activities every spring, as well as events to celebrate National Chemistry Week in the fall. This year, she helped plan and present an amazing chemistry demonstration show on campus for the community, which was the local section’s most outstanding event during National Chemistry Week in 2017.

Image of Lauren Gray Woods

Central Arizona Section

Sara Billenstein

Sara Billenstein has single handedly developed an outreach program that uses demonstrations at local elementary and secondary schools to help children understand how science can explain what they observe and foster excitement towards chemistry. She is enthusiastic, starting early in the mornings and visiting several schools during a day. This often requires extensive traveling. She is also heavily involved with the ACS Earth Day contest helping to coordinate the judging and personally awarding the prizes to the winning students.

Image of Sara Billenstein

Central New Mexico Section

Donivan Porterfield

Mr. Donivan Porterfield has been leading the Central New Mexico Local Section science outreach program for more than a decade. His tireless efforts spanned from organizing regional and state science fairs, being involved with the state’s best STEM teacher awards, and coordinating national laboratory tours for the local college students. To promote chemistry to the public, he travels to rural elementary schools to coach student science projects, visits local universities to promote student chemistry club activities, and advocates for sponsorship for the college chemistry building renovation. This award acknowledges Donivan’s decades of dedication to the ACS community outreach program.

Image of Donivan Porterfield

Central North Carolina Section

Deborah Pritchard

Deborah Pritchard has done a tremendous job leading the local section's involvement with science teachers in the area and advertising the resources available with the American Association of Chemistry Teachers. Deborah prompted the local section to co-sponsor a booth at the annual conference of the North Carolina Science Teachers Association, and she organized the members to work the booth during the two-day event. She also encouraged members to be Science Coaches at local schools, which increased the coaching volunteers from three to seven this year. The local section is very proud of the work Deborah does for the local section and the community!

Image of Deborah Pritchard

Central Ohio Valley Section

Robert Kroshefsky

Robert Kroshefsky is an invaluable person to the local section’s executive committee, and worked very hard as a local section outreach volunteer to manage the 2017 state science fair, which was quite successful. Robert is also currently on the CERM2020 team.

Image of Robert Kroshefsky

Central Texas Section

Karen Lewis

Dr. Karen Lewis has organized and implemented exceptionally successful "Nobel Prize Happy Hour" events for the past three years on the date that the Chemistry Nobel Prize is announced. Dr. Lewis prepares a short presentation about that year's prize and fields questions about the current year's, or past years' prizes. In addition, Dr. Lewis has helped to plan and teach a Color Chemistry Workshop, an interactive workshop focusing on the science and art of color where participants complete experiments and create a work of art. Participants range from artists to teachers to scientists, both ACS members and nonmembers.

Image of Karen Lewis

Chemical Society of Washington Section

Betsy Jean Yakes

Since she was an undergraduate student, B.J. Yakes has been volunteering with ACS and local sections. With the Chemical Society of Washington, she enjoys participating in outreach events that include National Chemistry Week demos, the USA Science & Engineering Festival activities, and career sessions. B.J strives to create hands-on experiments for students that match their core curricula. She especially enjoys engaging children that are typically under-represented in science, as seen in her outreach to minority and lower-income area schools. Her goals are to make science accessible, approachable and fun for children.

Image of Betsy Jean Yakes

Chicago Section

David Crumrine

Professor David Crumrine is a very active member of the Chicago Local Section, serving for many years on local and national committees, including section chair. He is instrumental and continues to be an effective Chemistry Week co-chair since 1997. He volunteered at the Illinois Sections of the ACS State Fair tent and served several times on the GLRM committee. David is member of the high school education committee administering the local and national Chemistry Olympiad exams at Loyola University since 2002. He has organized several national and international symposiums. David is the true definition of an ACS outreach volunteer.

Image of David Crumrine

Colorado Section

Lawrence J. Berliner

Dr. Lawrence Berliner has been a volunteer for the Colorado Local Section for more than 10 years. He was chair in 2009 and has been a councilor for many years since then. He has served on several national committees that include CCPA and LSAC, and has been on the award committee for several years. Dr. Berliner has been an advocate for many local programs, particularly those involving legislation of science matters, and communication of science. In 2017, he started fall activities with a nice presentation on Nobel Prize winners for the local section’s August meeting, and agreed to run for chair for the 2018-2020 period.

Image of Lawrence J. Berliner

Coastal Georgia Section

Jim LoBue

Jim LoBue has been an extraordinary volunteer for the Coastal Georgia Local Section. Jim has been the co-organizer of the annual STEM fest and Science Olympiad activities on the Georgia Southern campus, involved with STEM day volunteer in high school classrooms in Bulloch County since 2015, the host of multiple Real STEM Eagle Experience events for high school students on campus, the co-host of professional development workshops for science high school teachers across South Georgia since 2014 as part of the Math Science Partnership program, and a Robert Noyce Scholarship recipient since 2008.

Image of Jim LoBue

Dayton Section

Wayne Cook

Dr. Wayne Cook has been a prominent member of the Dayton Section of ACS, involved in service and volunteering with more than 40 years of ACS membership and research, and development industry experience. He has served as a section secretary (2011 – 2013), section chair (2014-2016), Dayton ACS Tech Fest coordinator (2010-2013), and as industrial relations chair (2009-2013). At TechFest, now the local section’s largest outreach event, Dr. Cook initiated the tradition of hands-on demonstrations now a regular part of the events of National Chemistry Week. The local section acknowledges Dr. Cook’s outstanding dedication and commitment to chemistry outreach in the Miami Valley.

Image of Wayne Cook

East Central Illinois Section

Hailey J. Knox

As an undergraduate, Hailey J. Knox was a member of the student chapter of the ACS for two years, and served one term as the chapter vice president. During this time, she was often involved in science demonstrations at local elementary schools. As a graduate student, Hailey has volunteered for the St. Elmo Brady STEM Academy for teaching underrepresented minority boys about science. She also served on the board of the East Central Illinois Local Section of the ACS as the 2017 Undergraduate Research Conference Coordinator, and will continue to hold this position in 2018.

Image of Hailey J. Knox

Erie Section

Keith M. Krise

Dr. Keith Krise became vice chair for the Erie Local Section after serving as executor. In 2017, Dr. Krise co-coordinated the National Chemistry Week mall show, co-led the city’s March for Science event for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, and wowed an audience with chemistry demonstrations on the big screen at Erie’s downtown baseball stadium. His commitment to these and other educational outreach activities is evident in his participation throughout the process– the preparation, the execution and the follow up. Dr. Krise is a chemical educator in the broadest sense, and his wide-ranging contributions are making a lasting impact on the Erie community.

Image of Keith M. Krise

Georgia Section

David S. Gottfried

Dr. David S. Gottfried has been an ACS member since 1984. For 15 years he has served in a variety of roles within the Georgia Local Section, including SERMACS planning committee member (2003 and 2013), the chair succession (2009-2011), which garnered three ChemLuminary awards, and as councilor (2012 to present), CCED coordinator (2006 to present), Herty committee chair, and website manager. Nationally, he was a member and chair of the ACS Committee on Public Relations and Communications (2007-2015). Few members, such as Dr. Gottfried, have dedicated their efforts to expanding the audiences that can benefit from participation and interaction with ACS.

Image of David S. Gottfried

Greater Houston Section

Lisa Houston

Lisa Houston has served as chair with extraordinary leadership while managing the local section's newsletter and personally welcoming new members. Lisa's efforts have allowed the local section to grow, while engaging young chemists, students, and teachers. She has also attended all local section events and volunteered despite her extensive travel schedule to foreign countries. She has purposefully engaged executive board and committee members through monthly meeting with a teleconference option. She also served on the program committee for the local section's successful 100-year celebration. Her commitment as chair has been exceptional and the local section is honored to suggest her as GHS Volunteer of the Year.

Image of Lisa Houston

Hawaii Section

Barbara Rogers

Barbara Rogers has a long history of serving the local section through her terms as chair at which time she promoted outreach to the chemistry community and ACS members and nonmembers, by supporting the Hawaii Science Cafe events with the Hawaii Academy of Science through an ACS mini-grant she secured. She was the local section’s government liaisons officer who arranged meetings between the local section and various Hawaii government officials. Barbara has been instrumental in outreach activities as the coordinator of the National Chemistry Week and Science Olympiad and has promoted the local section at Pacifichem, an international conference of chemists in the Pacific region.

Image of Barbara Rogers


Illinois Heartland Section

Brent Chandler

Dr. Brent Chandler has demonstrated sustained and outstanding volunteerism in outreach activities for the Illinois Heartland Local Section. Dr. Chandler has lead the Illinois-Heartland climate science public demonstrations program, hosted large local section meetings, and represented ACS to non-chemists in many public chemistry demonstrations. Through several LSAC grants, Dr. Chandler has held climate science mini-cafes and broadened the scope of the local section’s science demonstrations outreach programs. Dr. Chandler is a committed advocate of science with an exceptional ability to communicate to the public the chemistry behind important issues.

Image of Brent Chandler

Iowa Section

Hansol Lee

Hansol Lee has mentored 10 high school students in Collaborative Learning in Environmental and Aerosol Research through the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Chemistry of the Environment. With Dr. DeEtta Andersen and Professor Elizabeth Stone, Hansol helped to develop the program and implement it Iowa. He made a public-friendly instructional video to demonstrate how the instrument was operated. Under his guidance, the students experienced how the scientific method is used to answer a specific question, and their overall findings were presented in the 129th Iowa Academy of Science Annual Meeting, where Hansol also served as a judge.

Image of Hansol Lee

Kalamazoo Section

James Kiddle

Dr. James Kiddle, associate professor of chemistry at Western Michigan University, has been a key, active, and long-term member of the Kalamazoo Local Section. Dr. Kiddle's contributions to the local section include development, promotion and administration of the section's competitive and well-respected chemistry examination program for local area high school students. In addition, he also manages the section’s efforts to recognize local high school chemistry teachers, and organizes the section’s annual Awards Program. Dr. Kiddle shows directly through his actions the positive outreach impact that an ACS Local Section, specifically Kalamazoo, can make on STEM promotion and development.

Image of James Kiddle

LaCrosse-Winona Section

Tammy Clark

Dr. Tammy Clark organizes Viterbo University's Fired Up for Science, an open-house event that gets children and their families excited about the wonders of science and the natural world. The hands-on activities and demonstrations are jointly led by Viterbo faculty and students. In 2017, more than 500 people attended the event making for a significant contribution to science outreach within the local section.

Image of Tammy Clark

Lehigh Valley Section

Sherri Young

Sherri Young, assistant professor at Muhlenberg College, has served the Lehigh Valley section in a variety of ways. In 2017, Sherri was the logistics chair for MARM, serving as a liaison between the meeting venue and the planning committee. Sherri went above and beyond her duties and was instrumental in a successful MARM meeting; Sherri helped organize workshops and a wine-chocolate tasting. Sherri is the co-advisor for Muhlenberg’s student chapter and a co-planner for the “You Be the Chemist Challenge”. She served two terms as treasurer and as the WCC Chair organized luncheons, which were well-attended and first time events.

Image of Sherri Young

Maryland Section

Angela Sherman

Dr. Angela Sherman, chair of the chemistry department at Notre Dame of Maryland University, has contributed to the Maryland Local Section of the ACS for many years serving as treasurer and as chair of the awards committee "Maryland Chemist of the Year”. She gets involved in many of the activities and regular events of the local section by collaborating with the organization, locating facilities, and often in the execution of the event. In particular, she has helped with extracurricular activities for K-12 students. Additionally, Dr. Sherman has been an avid collaborator with the U.S. National Chemistry Olympiad.

Image of Angela Sherman

Mid-Hudson Section

Chester Dziobkowski

Chester Dziobkowski is an emeritus member of the ACS, a past section chair, and an active member of the local section where he has been the publicity chair continuously since 2009. He has made important contacts at the local newspapers, which frequently advertises the local section's speaker events and National Chemistry Week activities. Chester also focuses advertising of specific events at relevant places or with community groups who have a special interest in a certain topic.


Image of Chester Dziobkowski

Midland Section

Michael Tulchinsky

Michael Tulchinsky is the Chemistry Olympiad Committee Chair for the Midland Local Section. All chemistry teachers in the five-county area are contacted and participants are sent sample test problem sets and mentored to improve performance. In 2017, 10 students advanced to take the National Exam and Michael made certain that these students and their teachers were honored and publically recognized. Michael is passionate about chemistry and works hard to increase the participation and performance of local high school students in the Chemistry Olympiad. The local section is very grateful for his dedicated efforts to encourage the next generation of chemical professionals.

Image of Michael Tulchinsky

Minnesota Section

Sarah M. Mullins

Sarah M. Mullins has been coordinator and responsible for running the local section’s Project Seed outreach and the National Organization of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers outreach programs. In addition, Sarah is one of the local section national councilors and is on a number of ACS national committees (Minority Affairs, CCPA Liaison to the Public Relations and Communications, and Government Affairs Committee.) Sarah has provided vital service to the local science community, and the local section looks forward to her continuing this work in the future.

Image of Sarah M. Mullins


Nashville Section

Judith Iriarte-Gross

Dr. Iriarte-Gross has reached thousands of young women through several outreach programs within the local section, through Expanding Your Horizons (EYH) and Women in STEM (WISTEM). Through the local section, Dr. Iriarte-Gross has engaged hundreds of Local Section volunteers and expanded the program to different locations.

Image of Judith Iriarte-Gross

Nebraska Section

Kiyomi Deards

Kiyomi Deards has arranged outreach activities to SAC Smithsonian museum, the Sci-Pop talks, the Lincoln Children's Museum, and helped with Chemistry Day. Kiyomi coordinates many of the Nebraska Local Section activities and keeps the ACS visible to the general population by posting on the local section’s website regarding upcoming events.

Image of Kiyomi Deards

Northeastern Section

Jennifer Maclachlan

Jennifer Maclachlan has been involved in numerous outreach activities in 2017, which includes chair of the ACS Committee of Public Relations; member of the NESACS Public Relations Committee; public relations chair for the Small Chemical Business Division; co-founder of Cape Code Science Cafes, which included a “Science in Your Swimsuit” Café (50 children), and the Wicked Cool STEM Science Café (600 attendees); co-organizer of Family Science Days at the Boston Museum of Science; and co-organizer of the STEM Journey Event on Cape Cod (800 attendees).

Image of Jennifer Maclachlan

Northeastern Ohio Section

Ann Abraham

Dr. Ann Abraham has served the Northeastern Ohio (NEOACS) section for 25 years (two years as chair) with great dedication. For the last seven years, Dr. Abraham has coordinated the NEOACS National Chemistry Week event, and introduced a Family Chemistry Day event into the local section. With these events, Dr. Abraham not only collaborates with ACS members, but with high school teachers, university professors, students, and industry to link the community together and bring the events to fruition. Her passion, contagious enthusiasm, and commitment to science, education, and community outreach shine through her events and participation in the section.

Image of Ann Abraham

Omaha Section

Ganesh Naik

Dr. Ganesh Naik, an associate professor at the College of St. Mary, has been instrumental in bringing many students into the chapter's activity. Twice, he organized an ACS Program-in-a Box event at the college, which was the most appreciated event for the local section in 2017.

Image of Ganesh Naik

Orange County Section

Ganesh Rajagopalan

Dr. Ganesh Rajagopalan has been instrumental in the local section's environmental committee outreach for the last eight years. He's a terrific and engaged volunteer.

Image of Ganesh Rajagopalan

Panhandle Plains Section

Nick Flynn

Nick Flynn has been extremely active the past several years, participating in many outreach programs supporting the ACS, education, and local businesses and universities. Additionally, Nick has participated in numerous Earth Day programs, math and science conferences, ACS National Meeting presentations, high school Olympiads, and National Chemistry Week demos at Don Harrington Discovery Center.

Image of Nick Flynn

Philadelphia Section

David Cichowicz

David Cichowicz has been a member of Philadelphia Local Section for many years. He has served on the local section’s board of directors as chair, and as treasurer. It is for his role as treasurer that the local section is recognizing him as Volunteer of the Year. David has worked countless hours preparing and monitoring the local section’s budgets. With the help of the Budget and Finance Committee, he has made sure that the local section’s assets are invested wisely and that the local section is in excellent fiscal condition.

Image of David Cichowicz

Pittsburgh Section

Michael Mautino

Michael Mautino led the Pittsburgh Local Section's highly successful National Chemistry Week program in conjunction with the local science museum (Carnegie Science Center), and he has led numerous other outreach program with K-12 students. Michael has displayed leadership in these outreach activities for many years, in addition to his participation as a councilor with the local section.

Image of Michael Mautino

Puerto Rico Section

Myrna Otaño Vega

The Puerto Rico Local Section is honored to recognize the volunteer services and dedication of Myrna Otaño Vega for the sustainability, development, and performance of the local section. Through many years, her dedication is highlighted by the organization and management of the Chem Olympiads among many High Schools on the island, her active role and participation on the local section board of directors, a liaison with the industry and ACS local membership, and volunteer participation in Senior Technical Meetings among other activities. Myrna is a role model and a valuable resource for our section.

Image of Myrna Otaño Vega

Rock River Section

Gidget Tay

Dr. Gidget Tay visits local after-school centers and public libraries to present exciting and educational chemistry demonstrations in hopes to inspire a younger generation of future scientists. She also creates educational videos that combine dance and chemistry to explain concepts that students find difficult. These instructional videos are disseminated broadly through the specifically dedicated YouTube channel, DanceChemistry. With these videos, she hopes to provide the science community with free instructional videos that can be used to improve scientific understanding from a creative viewpoint.

Image of Gidget Tay


Sacramento Section

Cindy Castronovo

Cindy Castronovo has been a long-time contributor to the Sacramento Local Section, serving on the executive committee and spearheading the section's involvement in various outreach activities in the Sacramento area.

Image of Cindy Castronovo

Savannah River Section

Thanh-Tam Truong

The Savannah River Section recognizes Dr. Thanh-Tam Truong, Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) Chair for her outstanding commitment and service to the local section. Dr. Tam’s enthusiasm for sharing the joy of chemistry within the community is infectious. Dr. Tam has played an integral role in maintaining the local section's long-standing outreach programs, including Chemists Celebrate Earth Week, Adopt-a-Highway, and themed chemistry demonstrations at local schools, hospitals, and the Salvation Army. She has also made significant progress towards increasing volunteer participation among student members, expanding outreach programs to new venues/audiences, and enhancing the YCC social media presence.

Image of Thanh-Tam Truong

South Carolina Section

Chuanbing Tang

In 2010, Dr. Chuanbing Tang established the Project Seed Summer Research Program at University of South Carolina. It was the only SEED program in South Carolina at the time. This program has grown significantly and become a signature outreach resource in the greater Columbia area. As both a coordinator and a mentor, Dr. Chuanbing has led the program to attract more than 40 high school students from nine schools. Seventy-two percent of students are females and 60 percent are either African American or Hispanic. One hundred percent of the alumni from the Project Seed Program attend colleges in which more than 50 percent choose chemical science as a major.

Image of Chuanbing Tang

South Central Missouri Section

Laura Grubbs

For years Laura Grubbs has coordinated and spearheaded the local section's National Chemistry Week (NCW) efforts and has played a leading role in the demonstrations done as part of the section's NCW celebrations. As NCW coordinator, she has done everything from organizing the day's events to stuffing advertisements for the local schools and filling goodie bags for NCW attendees.

As an active member of the section's executive board she has also played a critical part in efforts to recognize outstanding high school chemistry teachers in the area.

Image of Laura Grubbs

Southern Nevada

John Gerlach

When things don’t go as smoothly as planned, Dr. John Gerlach is always there to pick up the pieces. A former chair of the Southern Nevada Section, Dr. Gerlach has continued to be of tremendous help even after he rotated off the executive board. He has been integral in securing speakers long after his tenure as section chair. He runs the local section’s website, putting the local section’s best face forward. Most recently, Dr. Gerlach was called on by the election committee to ensure that the local section’s latest election went smoothly and was on time.

Image of John Gerlach

Southwest Georgia Section

Linda de la Garza

Dr. Linda de la Garza is an associate professor at Valdosta State University. In 2017, she helped with Chemistry Olympiad, the NCW Illustrated Poem Contest, and performed different activities at local schools involving the ACS student chapter. Dr. de la Garza organized and made Science Saturday a great success with numerous visitors in 2017. She also helped organize a ceremony for the local section’s long-term ACS members.

Image of Linda de la Garza

Trenton Section

Helen Tanzini

Helen Tanzini has been an extraordinary volunteer for the Trenton Local Section. She has been coordinating and conducting the outreach activities for national chemistry for more than 15 years. In addition, she has coordinated and participated in Super Science Saturday held at a state museum in New Jersey for the last 15 years and counting. At both events, she puts together successful demonstrations to demonstrate chemical principles to school-age children. Helen exemplifies the ideals of an outreach volunteer for the ACS.

Image of Helen Tanzini

Virginia Section

Heather Lourenco

Heather Lourenco, Virginia Section Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) Chair, has demonstrated extraordinary outreach volunteer service in the Virginia Local Section. As YCC Chair, Heather has led many projects including the Mentor Matching Program, Career Networking Workshops, various networking activities, and ACS Program-in-a-Box events for students. Her efforts have resulted in the growth of YCC and involvement of young chemists in the section. The Virginia Local Section is proud to recognize Heather for her exceptional leadership and volunteer service.

Image of Heather Lourenco

Western Carolinas Section

Chris Bender

Dr. Chris Bender, former chair of the Western Carolinas Local Section, has been the leading force in National Chemistry Week activities in the Upstate South Carolina area – coordinating successful events at the Westgate Mall and at the Spartanburg Science Center. Dr. Bender regularly works with student members from USC Upstate (where he is the chapter advisor), as well as local high school teachers. A recent event at the Spartanburg Science Center won the ChemLuminary award for Outstanding NCW Program Involving High School Students. In addition to his coordination of hands-on chemistry, Dr. Bender volunteered as Chemistry Olympiad coordinator for five years.

Image of Chris Bender

Wisconsin Section

Matthew Bowman

Dr. Bowman is the coordinator for the Wisconsin Middle School Science Bowl. About 100 students from middle school teams compete in a quiz show format, and also participate in exploration stations. Dr. Bowman organizes and helps train volunteers and recruits schools. He is also the coordinator for the Chemistry Olympiad for the local Wisconsin ACS section. Dr. Bender also co-ordinates the ACS undergraduate excellence awards for the local section; recruiting undergraduates and administering the exams.

Image of Matthew Bowman