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Local Section Organization and Job Responsibilities at a Glance

Below are standard local section organization and job responsibilities for officers. Items in bold are the minimum duties or positions, while others items are suggested as potential duties and positions.

Section Organization

Executive Committee

  • Elected Officers
  • Immediate Past Chair
  • Member-at-large
  • Directors
  • Website/Newsletter Editor
  • Standing Committee Chairs
  • Trustees
  • Vice Chairs
  • Program Committee

Local Section Position Duties

Executive Committee

  • Section representatives
  • Conduct section business
  • Approve appointments
  • Approve disbursement of funds
  • Committee oversight
  • Hospitality committee
  • Long-range planning
  • Organize events
  • Oversee budget
  • Prepare budget
  • Program planning
  • Set goals for section


  • Direct section activities
  • Chair meetings
  • By 2/15, file Annual Report
  • Arrange meetings
  • Committee oversight
  • Correspond with National
  • Delegate authority to other committee chairs
  • Host tour speaker
  • Make standing committee appointments
  • Motivate members
  • Serves as spokesperson for section


  • Serves as Program Chair
  • Invited to attend ACS Leadership Institute
  • Assist chair
  • Help recruit volunteers
  • Obtain nominations
  • Other duties
  • Serves as host for section speakers
  • Tour speaker planning


  • May serve several consecutive terms
  • By 12/1, submit the following names to ACS Executive Director:
    * Councilor & Alternate Councilors
    * New Officers & Committee Chairs
  • Compile annual report materials
  • Count ballots--manage election process
  • Distribute newsletter and notices
  • Maintain membership lists/records
  • Prepare annual report
  • Receive rosters
  • Record minutes
  • Write correspondence


  • Prepare budget
  • By 2/15, file annual financial report
  • Request allotment payment from Society
  • By 4/1, request member and affiliate dues collection
  • Account for all section money
  • Files IRS forms (if necessary)
  • Get allotment
  • Maintain accurate financial records
  • Serve on Investment Committee
  • Status report to section on budget
  • Write some checks with other section officers

Councilor/Alt. Councilor

  • Serve a 3-year term
  • Represent section at ACS Council meetings
  • Report actions of Council to section (at meetings, in newsletters, etc.)
  • Attend National Meetings
  • May serve on National Committees
  • Serve as Archivist
  • Serve on Executive Committee
  • Serve on Hospitality Committee