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Information for Speakers

You are considering participating in a science café, but still have a few questions. Below are the answers to common speaker questions.

1. What is a science café?

A science café is a venue for scientists and non-scientist to openly discuss scientific topics of the day. Science Cafés increase science literacy in communities across America. Cafés are often held in coffee shops, bars, restaurants or bookstores, anywhere people gather. They usually consist of a speaker or speakers and a group discussion.

2. What is the audience like?

Audiences vary from café to café. But, generally they are a group of nonscientists, and a few scientists who are excited to learn and talk about the topic of the science café.

3. How should I structure my presentation?

Your presentation of the topic should feel more conversational than a lecture. The goal of a science café is to open a discussion between scientists and nonscientists to improve science literacy and have a fun evening.

4. What are my responsibilities?

Present your research/expertise in a nontechnical manner that can be understood by a nonscientist and engage in discussion about the topic with attendees.