eRoster is NCOA Compliant

The eRoster ACS data file is now NCOALink compliant. This process is required by the US Postal Service to update mailing lists for change of address. You no longer need to pay a mail house for this service. The Post Office and your mail house will require proof of ACS compliance with NCOA to avoid a certification charge. ACS will do the certification on a regular schedule in compliance with postal regulations.

How to save money by using the NCOALink certification:

  • Send the mailing list from your local section’s eRoster file to the mail house and let the mail house know that the list is NCOALink certified.
  • Include the NCOALink certification link:
  • Ask the mail house to download the form and sign it.
  • The mail house will include the certification as supporting documentation when the mail is delivered to or picked up by the US Post Office.
  • The mail house may ask you to fill out Postal Service Form 6014, sign, and fax it back to them. This form documents that the mailing list has been NCOALink certified by ACS.

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail