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Senior Chemists Committee

The establishment of the Senior Chemists Committee (SCC) was approved as a Joint Board-Council Committee effective January 1, 2013 (see current roster). The age demographic of the ACS powerfully illustrated the need for a Senior Chemists Committee. Of its more than 150,000 members, more than 35% are over the age of 50; one of the fastest growing segments of the Society.

The Vision of the SCC:

 Improve lives using the knowledge and experience of senior chemists.

The Mission of the SCC:

Address community needs and ambitions by utilizing senior chemists’ knowledge and experience.

Goals of SCC:

  • To develop avenues to expand communications and promotions to enhance awareness of senior chemist activities.
  • To Increase the number of senior chemist groups in local sections.
  • To engage with community groups that benefit from senior chemists’ expertise.  

The SCC currently consists of 17 members, nine associates, and are appointed as the ACS President and Chair of the Board of Directors deem necessary. The Committee serves two constituencies within the ACS: (1) seniors who are still active either as full time or part time employees, consultants, or those who still wish to stay closely connected to the ACS and its spectrum of activities; and (2) younger members and students who have questions about a chemistry-based career, or who have started careers and are looking for guidance on how to progress.

  • Information and resources from Senior Chemists is available online.
  • You may also join the Senior Chemists Group through the ACS Network.
  • Questions? Email us – we'll be happy to help you.