Responsibilities of Program Chairs

Call for Papers

  1. Develops the technical program with Symposium Organizers and enters it into the Call for Papers template as oral and poster symposia.
  2. Designates symposia as accepting either contributed or only invited papers.
  3. Returns the Call for Papers template to ACS Staff for importing to MAPS prior to author submission.

Session Management (cooperatively with Symposium Organizers and ACS Staff)

  1. Reviews abstracts and accepts or rejects them.
  2. Works with ACS Staff to create sessions as needed to accommodate the submitted abstracts.
  3. Arranges accepted abstracts into sessions.
  4. Assigns each abstract an order within the session.
  5. Assigns each presentation a duration.
  6. Inserts non-paper events (e.g., introductory or concluding remarks) in the session.
  7. Selects and schedules high-quality abstracts into Sci-Mix in accordance with the restrictions on the number of Sci-Mix presentations (a maximum of 20 or 10% of total number of accepted papers for the division, whichever is larger).

Finalize Technical Program

  1. Arranges sessions by AM, PM, or EVE and assigns the appropriate section letter (A, B, C …) to each session, consistent with Even Programming Rules.
  2. Submits preliminary program to ACS.
  3. Submits final program to ACS.

Other Responsibilities

  1. Arranges for non-technical events such as coffee breaks, social receptions associated with award presentations or poster sessions, and committee rooms.
    • Any member of the division executive committee has the authority to make non-technical event requests.
    • In most divisions, the program chair makes the arrangements associated with the technical program, and the division chair makes the committee room requests associated with governance functions.
    • Symposium organizers must always ask the acting program chair to make event requests pertaining to the technical sessions.
  2. Registers sponsored speakers—if the division wishes to pay for the sponsored speaker registration fees. Early and regular registration fees apply to division registrations.
    • At the time registration opens, MAPS staff administrators send current program chairs and division treasurers password access to the Division Guest Registration site.
    • Using the password they can register non-member sponsored speakers at a special one-day registration rate or member/non-member sponsored speakers at the prevailing member/non-member registration rate.
    • Symposium organizers must always ask the program chair to make these special registrations.