List Requests

ACS offers each division the opportunity to request mailing lists, delivered electronically as a comma delimited file, which may be used for Society-related purposes. 

Election-Only List Request

Although eRosters of a division’s current membership are provided monthly to division officers, “Election-Only” lists must be used for the mailing of ballots. Division bylaws, which vary from division to division, specify how much lead time before an election to allow when requesting election only lists.

Why Do I Need to Request Election-Only Lists?

  • Not every person whose name appears on the eRoster is eligible to vote, because some persons have not paid their dues, are division affiliates, etc.
  • Some names that do not appear on the monthly eRoster may be eligible to vote, because certain members have requested that their names be removed from promotional mailings.

To request Election-Only lists, complete an Election-Only Order Form. For more information on Election-Only lists, contact the Office of Member Communities at