Health Insurance

For quality of life purposes, and for those who love you, your health should be a priority! If you’re in school, searching for a job, or waiting for a new employer’s benefits to begin, you may want to analyze your health insurance options. It’s always a good idea to help protect your pocketbook from an unexpected disability or health concern, at any age. And as a retiree, you may need to plan for the possibility of a need for long-term, skilled care. Through your membership with the ACS, you have several options to consider.


Health Insurance Plans

Group Disability Income

Can help replenish lost finances if you become too ill or injured to work

Long Term Care

Helps with expensive skilled care needs at home or in a facility while protecting your assets. 

Pearl Health Care Exchange

Allows members to shop for insurance coverage for themselves as well as their families.

Medical Discount Card

Members and their family can save on a wide range of health-related products and services.

Pet Insurance

Nationwide® Pet Insurance plans can help give your furry and feathered friends the care they deserve without breaking the bank. 

Needs Calculator

Take the steps to safe guard your income. Find out how much disability insurance you many need.

On-Demand Webinar

Planning for Long-Term Care. View today

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