Special Dues Categories

To apply for (or renew) your special status, contact us at service@acs.org, 1-800-333-9511 or +1 614-447-3776 (from outside of the U.S.).


Recent Graduates
Discounts of 50% off of ACS national dues are available to undergraduates who have received their bachelor's degree in a chemical science, and who are going on to graduate school within 12 months of graduation.   

Members with Family Responsibility
ACS members in good standing who elect to discontinue full-time professional employment because of long-term obligations as a family-care provider are entitled to a 50% discount on ACS national dues. 

National Service
ACS members in the U.S. Armed Forces or other area of national service on temporary, full-time duty for a year or more are eligible for a 50% discount on ACS national dues for each year of service for up to four years.

Member Spouse
Spouses of ACS members may request a reduction of their ACS national dues equivalent to the previous year's allocation for C&EN in lieu of one C&EN subscription. This reduction may be applied to the cost of another journal subscription.

Retired Status
ACS members who have 30 or more years of paid membership and are retired from full-time professional employment qualify for a 50% discount off of ACS national dues.


In addition to the categories previously listed, ACS grants the following dues waivers:

Emeritus Status
For ACS members who have 35 years or more of paid ACS membership, are retired from full-time professional employment, and are over the age of 70 qualify. Emeritus members must indicate continued interest in membership annually and may be asked to pay division and/or local section dues.

Unemployed Members
ACS members in good standing who become unemployed and are seeking full-time professional employment may be eligible to have their ACS national dues waived. 

Disabled Members
ACS national dues may be waived for disabled members who have paid ACS dues for more than ten years, have been disabled for one year and can provide proof of disability. Requests must be made annually (proof not required after first year).

Membership Dues



Perfect for people with a degree, certification, or significant work history in chemical or related sciences, or with certification as a teacher of a chemical science.



For people whose occupation directly concerns the practice of a chemical science, but are ineligible to become Regular Members of ACS. 



For full-time graduate students majoring in a chemical science or a related academic discipline.



For those actively working toward an undergraduate degree in chemistry or in a related academic discipline. 

$29 without C&EN
$65 with C&EN subscription