Patent Watch - 2011 Archive

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  • December 19
    Six reviews in 2011 covered patents on processes for propylene production or the manufacture of propylene derivatives.
  • December 12
    Obtain xylenes efficiently by disproportionating toluene.
  • December 5
    Now you can convert alkanes directly to carboxylic acids.
  • November 28
    Convert byproduct glycerol to propylene glycol.
  • November 21
    Convert unwanted p-ethyltoluene to desirable hydrocarbons.
  • November 14
    Here’s a way to make intermediate olefins “on purpose”.
  • November 7
    Here are three routes to an experimental cancer drug.
  • October 31
    Back to the future: Oxidize C4 hydrocarbons to butadiene.
  • October 24
    Make a better cephalosporin antibiotic.
  • October 17
    Make a green fluorescent protein precursor in improved yield.
  • October 10
    Look, Ma—I can make isocyanates without phosgene.
  • October 3
    Oligomerize FCC ethylene to useful hydrocarbon fractions.
  • September 26
    Can oxygenated organics be made from sugars?
  • September 19
    Ethanol can be a source of motor fuel hydrocarbons.
  • September 12
    Enhance the synthesis of a key Alzheimer’s drug precursor.
  • September 5
    Will acetaldehyde make a comeback?
  • August 29
    Here is a large-scale synthesis of some “male drugs”.
  • August 22
    Improve a Knoevenagel condensation reaction.
  • August 15
    Here’s an unusual “green” method for producing acetone.
  • August 8
    This “green” route to nylon begins with sugar.
  • August 1
    Part of your Coke bottle may come from cellulose.
  • July 25
    A little hydrogen boosts selectivity to propylene oxide.
  • July 18
    Take a biomass syngas route to ethanol.
  • July 11
    This AIDS drug intermediate can be made in high purity.
  • July 4
    Make 1-octene from a natural fatty acid with a bacterial enzyme.
  • June 27
    Make pyrrolopyrimidines with three reactions in one pot.
  • June 20
    Make pheromones and fragrances from alkenyl isobutyrates.
  • June 13
    Here’s a biobased route to propylene glycol.
  • May 30
    These cracking catalysts give ethylene and propylene equally.
  • May 23
    This catalyst promotes the air oxidation of olefins to ketones.
  • May 9
    Make a blood pressure drug more efficiently.
  • May 2
    Here’s a better way to make an antipsychotic.
  • April 25
    Make chiral intermediates for neurotransmitter uptake inhibitors.
  • April 18
    Here’s a green route to poly(butylene terephthalate).
  • April 4
    Make cyclobenzylbenzene from benzene with this new catalyst.
  • March 28
    Produce “green” epichlorohydrin from biodiesel glycerol.
  • March 21
    This catalyst converts midrange olefins to longer ones.
  • March 14
    These pyran derivatives taste and smell good.
  • March 7
    Produce ethylene and propylene with a durable zeolite catalyst.
  • February 28
    Make a psychotropic drug by a new route.
  • February 21
    Here is a new route to an important anti-emetic drug.
  • February 14
    Here is a catalyst for converting acetic acid to ethanol in high yield.
  • February 7
    Make propylene from inexpensive ethane.
  • January 31
    Produce ethylene from oil-based and biobased feedstocks.
  • January 24
    Catalytically crack naphtha with little coke formation.
  • January 17
    Make a key fragrance compound economically.
  • January 10
    Prepare desired forms of atazanavir hydrogen sulfate.
  • January 3
    A sulfide catalyst improves conversion of synthesis gas to oxygenates.


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