Patent Watch - 2012 Archive

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  • December 31
    These acetyl-CoA carboxylase inhibitors may help obese patients.
  • December 17
    Two steps are better than one in the synthesis of an agrochemical intermediate.
  • December 10
    Spleen tyrosine kinase inhibitors may treat autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.
  • December 3
    Make intermediate olefins from bioethanol.
  • November 26
    Here’s an improved synthesis of benzazepines.
  • November 12
    Improve the yield of a vitamin B1 precursor.
  • November 5
    Here’s how to make light olefins with catalytic cracking.
  • October 29
    These GPR119 modulators may help treat diabetes.
  • October 22
    Produce benzene from methane with this catalyst.
  • October 15
    Make propylene oxide by generating hydrogen peroxide in situ.
  • October 8
    Combine processes to lower propylene and butadiene costs.
  • October 1
    Fight drug-resistant bacteria with gyrase and topo IV inhibitors.
  • September 24
    Indole derivatives give hope to macular degeneration patients.
  • September 17
    Here are some new indole tau inhibitors.
  • September 10
    Here are two ways to make a kinase inhibitor intermediate.
  • September 3
    These catalysts improve steam cracking conversions.
  • August 27
    Here’s a safer route to a recently revived drug.
  • August 20
    Here are two ways to make an isoquinoline intermediate.
  • August 13
    These catalysts allow the direct synthesis of diphenyl carbonate.
  • August 6
    Heteroarylsulfonamides may reduce atrial fibrillation.
  • July 30
    This synthetic sequence provides a useful drug—at a price.
  • July 23
    These fatty acid synthase inhibitors may reduce cancer risks.
  • July 16
    Oxidize alkanes to olefinic carboxylic acids with these catalysts.
  • July 9
    Improve the production of a valuable fungicide.
  • July 2
    These catalysts make α-olefins that the market wants.
  • June 25
    A catalytic reduction leads to a desirable intermediate.
  • May 28
    These metathesis catalysts tolerate functional groups.
  • May 21
    Use methane-derived syngas to make liquid motor fuels.
  • May 14
    Make cyclododecatriene with an improved catalyst system.
  • May 7
    Make a nerve agent antidote without using a toxic reagent.
  • April 30
    This catalyst makes aromatics from shale gas–derived propane.
  • April 23
    Use less tin catalyst in a diol monotosylation reaction.
  • April 16
    Use less catalyst to make a commercial fungicide.
  • April 9
    Make monoaromatics from natural gas.
  • April 2
    Use olefin metathesis to make neohexene from isobutylene.
  • March 26
    Make olefins from natural gas– or coal-derived alcohols.
  • March 19
    Use this non–transition-metal catalyst for olefin codimerization.
  • March 12
    Make high-value chemicals safely with a microreactor.
  • March 5
    Make triazoles by cyclizing hydrazones.
  • Feb. 27
    Produce benzene and ammonia from natural gas.
  • Feb. 20
    Improve the synthesis and flow properties of an insomnia drug.
  • Feb. 13
    Make “green” butanol from bioderived ethanol.
  • Feb. 6
    Oligomerize ethylene to 1-hexene and 1-octene.
  • Jan. 30
    Recycle PET bottles into a more valuable polymer.
  • Jan. 23
    Improve the synthesis of cell-proliferation inhibitors.
  • Jan. 16
    Rhenium improves the hydrogen peroxide oxidation of propylene.
  • Jan. 9
    Improve the synthesis of drugs for bladder disorders.
  • Jan. 2
    Modify reaction conditions to improve an anesthetic synthesis.


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