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  • December 16
    Make aromatics from shale gas–derived methane. 
  • December 9
    Toluene methylation is selective for p-xylene.
  • December 2
    These cytomegalovirus inhibitors may overcome drug resistance.
  • November 25
    Make propylene from acetone in one step.
  • November 18
    CK2 may be an attractive target for cancer treatment. 
  • November 11
    RdRp inhibitors are a potential flu therapy.
  • November 4
    These sphingosine-1-phosphate modulators may be useful for treating several medical conditions. 
  • October 28
    What is the definition of “green” plastic?
  • October 21
    Endothelial lipase inhibitors are potential cardiovascular disease drugs.
  • October 14
    If handled carefully, enediynes make powerful cancer drugs.
  • October 7
    pH control is the key to allyl chloride epoxidation.
  • September 30
    Produce bioethanol without fermentation.
  • September 23
    Fight obesity and metabolic disorders with DGAT1 inhibitors.
  • September 16
    These PI3Kβ inhibitors may be effective against cancer.
  • September 9
    Here are more efficient routes to important drug intermediates.
  • September 2
    Make “green” propylene glycol from glycerol.
  • August 26
    Boost p-xylene production with a shape-selective catalyst.
  • August 19
    Make alkylbenzenes from bioethanol.
  • August 12
    Make acrylic acid from the glycerol in biodiesel.
  • August 5
    Make a potential cancer drug in high yield and fewer steps.
  • July 29
    These ERK2 inhibitors may block tumor-forming pathways.
  • July 22
    This improved hepatitis drug synthesis proceeds through some new intermediates.
  • July 15
    These FPRL-1 receptor modulators may help treat inflammation.
  • July 8
    Improve a drug synthesis by reducing byproducts.
  • July 1
    C1 chemistry provides methanol for aromatics production.
  • June 24
    C1 chemistry leads to acetic acid–derived ethanol.
  • June 17
    More weapons are added to the β-secretase inhibitor arsenal.
  • June 10
    Here’s a better direct epoxidation of propylene.
  • June 4
    Make 7-azanorbornane on an industrial scale in four steps.
  • May 31
    Take some better routes to insecticidal compounds.
  • May 20
    Oxidative dehydrogenation is the key to butadiene production.
  • May 14
    These compounds may add to the cancer drug arsenal.
  • May 6
    Make a purer hydrazide intermediate by changing processing conditions.
  • April 22
    Here’s a greener process for making fragrance components.
  • April 15
    Here’s a better way to make a food animal weight-gain drug.
  • April 8
    These phosphodiesterase inhibitors may eventually treat neurological diseases.
  • April 1
    Make byproduct-free monoethylene glycol in one reactor.
  • March 25
    Find better ways to make old and new epilepsy drugs.
  • March 18
    Find a safer way to make an herbicide precursor.
  • March 11
    Make “green” p-xylene from 2,5-dimethylfuran and ethylene.
  • March 4
    These TRPV4 antagonists may help treat many medical disorders.
  • February 25
    These selective aldosterone synthase inhibitors may lead to new drugs for kidney disease.
  • February 18
    Choose the right starting materials for a chiral drug synthesis.
  • February 11
    Will biobutanol replace bioethanol?
  • February 4
    Here’s a safer, less expensive way to make a key intermediate.
  • January 28
    Enhance the synthesis of a bladder disorder drug intermediate.
  • January 21
    Recycle ethylene glycol in the manufacture of dimethyl carbonate.
  • January 14
    These insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor inhibitors may help fight cancer.
  • January 7
    Here’s an improved synthesis of an ADHD drug.


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