The Science and Technology Behind the “Hydrogen Economy”

March 24, 2004, 10:30 AM-12:00 Noon
138 Dirksen Senate Office Building


One of the Administration’s highest Science & Technology priorities is the hydrogen initiative, which has a $228 million price tag next year. Tapping into hydrogen’s potential could be an answer to meeting our future energy needs, creating a cleaner environment, and enhancing national security by minimizing US dependence on foreign oil. But what is the state of the science and technology needed to enable the hydrogen economy? This briefing will present the findings of two scientific panels that examined what we still need to learn in order to make the hydrogen economy a reality.


The Senate Science and Technology Caucus and the ACS Science & the Congress Project

Featured Speakers

Jerome Hinkle, moderating
Office of Senator Byron Dorgan
Pete Lyons, moderating
Majority Staff
Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources
Michael Ramage
Committee on Alternatives and Strategies
for Future Hydrogen Production and Use
The National Academies
Peter Eisenberger
Chair, Energy Subcommittee
Panel on Public Affairs

American Physical Society

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