Climate Change & National Security

June 4, 2010


Climate change poses considerable risk to physical systems, biological resources, and social institutions that society depends on. As a result, military officials and security experts view climate change as a threat multiplier of existing national security concerns and a source of new threats to the United States. This briefing will explore the national security implications of climate change to the United States and worldwide.



Paul Higgins, AMS, moderator

Rear Admiral David Titley, Ph.D., Oceanographer & Navigator of the U.S. Navy

Jeffrey Mazo, Ph.D., Managing Editor, Survival; and Research Fellow, International Institute for Strategic Studies

This event is part of the American Meteorological Society Climate Briefing Series, which is made possible, in part, by a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Paleoclimate Program.

Please see the AMS Briefing Web Page for Speaker videos and further information.