David Smith

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Research Group on Novel Electromagnetic Materials

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Dr. David R. Smith is a Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering and a Visiting Professor in the Physics Department at Imperial College, London. He is the founder and director of Duke’s recently formed Center for Metamaterials and Integrated Plasmonics. His research has been focused on advanced electromagnetic materials and composites, including photonic crystals and metamaterials.

In 2000, Dr. Smith and colleagues demonstrated the first metamaterial with a negative index-of-refraction. Dr. Smith is a member of The Electromagnetics Academy, a recipient of the Pratt School of Engineering’s Stansell Research Award (2005) and a co-recipient of the European Union’s Descartes Research Prize. He was recognized as one of Scientific American’s “Top 50” researchers and policymakers of 2006. His research has been featured on numerous television and radio programs, with widespread coverage in and newspapers and science magazines. Dr. Smith’s research has been selected as “Top Ten Advances in Materials” by Materials Today magazine (January 2008), “The Top 100 Science Stories of 2006” by Discover magazine (January 2007) and twice selected as one of Science Magazine’s top ten scientific breakthroughs of the year (2003, 2006).