Jack Coats

Director of NanoBiology Development & Sales
FEI Company

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Mr. Coats serves as director of Nanobiology Business Development and Sales for the FEI Company headquartered in Hillsboro, Oregon. In this position, he is responsible for leadership of the nanobiology business in North America. Prior to joining FEI, he served as president of Nucletron Corporation, a medical device company that specializes in treatment of cancer with radiation. Previously, he was president and CEO of 3dMD, a medical imaging company. Before that, he worked for Varian Oncology Systems, eventually attaining the position of vice president of sales and integrated systems. Before joining the corporate world he was a professor of physics and mathematics at universities in Switzerland and Germany. Mr. Coats serves on the board of directors of Vision RT, Ltd, an imaging company specializing in solutions for radiation treatment of cancer, and on the Advisory Board of Oregon State University’s Professional Science Master Program, which prepares science majors for careers in high technology corporations.