John Frazier

Director of Considered Chemistry

Nike Corporation

Mr. Frazier serves as the director of Considered Chemistry for Nike, seeking to deliver more from less, by focusing on closed loops, greener chemistry, climate stability, water stewardship, and thriving communities. His duties include the development, deployment, and oversight for a variety of sustainability and product stewardship programs for the company. These include the Restricted Substance list (RSL) and Sustainable Chemistry Guidance, the Global Water Quality Program, and the Green/Healthier Chemistry Program at Nike. Mr. Frazier has over 20 years experience, serving product engines in aerospace and athletic footwear, apparel and equipment, as well as environmental programs, through materials and process engineering and chemistry applications. He frequently provides supply chain training and presents at chemistry and water symposia, raising the environmental awareness of consumers, industry, students and young scientists. He holds a master’s degree in chemistry from San Diego State University.