Reforming Toxic Substances Control: Meet the Players

September 29, 2009, 12:00 -1:30 PM
SVC 208/209 Capitol Visitors Center, Senate side


The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA) tasked the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to regulate manufactured and imported chemical substances to manage risk and protect human and environmental health. Many factors, including new technologies, public concerns, stakeholder interest, and new regulations adopted by other countries, are converging to create a rare window of opportunity for modernizing TSCA. Different stakeholders bring differing viewpoints and priorities to the table. This briefing will provide a forum to explore the varying perspectives, roles and activities of these players in revising the way chemicals are managed in the United States.


ACS Science & the Congress Project and the Society for Risk Analysis

Honorary Host

Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)

Introductory Remarks

Robin Cantor
Principal, Exponent, Inc.
SRA President, 2002

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