Roger McFadden

VP, Senior Scientist

Mr. McFadden is currently vice president and senior scientist for Staples. Prior to joining Staples, he was the chief science officer for Corporate Express and before that, vice president of technical services and product development for Coastwide Laboratories. Earlier in his career, Mr. McFadden worked as a consulting chemist and product engineer for several chemical manufacturing companies in both the U.S. and Canada. He is a charter member of the Green Chemistry Commerce Council and currently chairs a committee to advance Green Chemistry and the EPA Design for the Environment Formulator Initiatives. He is a member of the California Green Ribbon Science Panel and has served as the chairman of former Oregon governor Kitzhaber’s Community Sustainability Council Workgroup for Cleaning. Mr. McFadden is a frequent speaker on environmental, safety and health topics to health care organizations, educational institutions, public agencies and private corporations.