Voices of Research Videos

Ever wonder who’s behind today’s cutting-edge scientific advances? Voices of Research introduces you to some of these researchers and shows you how their work, with the help of federal research investments, impacts your life and the lives of future generations.

Fueling the Future

Capturing methane for energy before it pollutes our air
The Juanes Research Group works to harvest a potent greenhouse gas for energy before it is released into the air.

Catalyzing future energy production
Dr. Spivey and team develop tools to improve methods of energy production.

Making more powerful & longer lasting batteries
Gary Rubloff and team work to enhance the power- and energy-density of batteries.

Transforming methane into new energy sources
Brent Gunnoe and team pioneer ways to transform methane into new energy sources.

The Importance of Standards

Developing standards for medical imaging technologies
Dr. Karam’s team is developing precise quantitation standards for medical imaging technologies like PET scans.

Personalized Medicine

Making personalized medicine more reliable
A NIST team is developing reliability standards for DNA sequencing to improve patient-tailored healthcare.