Sally Mitchell

Areas of expertise: STEM education
Region: Syracuse, NY

A nationally recognized leader in STEM education, Mitchell is a high school chemistry teacher and previous Albert Einstein Fellow at the Department of Energy's Office of Science. She is certified to teach chemistry, biology, physics, general science, mathematics, college level forensics and general chemistry. She is a James Bryant Conant Award recipient in Teaching Chemistry. Mitchell has presented at conferences and workshops nation-wide, including a recent presentation for the national conference of the ACS on the Chemistry of Cooking: A look at Solution Chemistry.

In addition to her ACS talks and her lectures at Cornell University, Syracuse University, and Miami University (Ohio), Mitchell is part of a panel of experts who address STEM topics on a local television station. Her video series and presentations address food science, metrics, and general chemistry, among other topics in chemistry. She won the first ACS Everyday Science Video Contest with  her entry describing what to do if your dog gets “skunked.”

She has served as a volunteer coordinator and coach/advisor for numerous educational events, including Cheminagination and the Science Olympiad. Mitchell has received numerous “favorite teacher” and “outstanding teacher” awards during the course of her more than 18 years in education. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in chemistry and chemical education from Syracuse University.