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An interview with 2016 Priestley medalist Mostafa El-Sayed (video)

WASHINGTON, Dec. 19, 2016 — It’s difficult to sum up Mostafa El-Sayed's nearly 60-year career as a chemist in just a few sentences. He uses lasers and other tools to better understand the properties and behavior of molecules and the nanoscale world. He is a pioneer in the use of nanomedicine to fight cancer. He even has a spectroscopy rule named after him: the “El-Sayed rule.” For all of these reasons and more, El-Sayed received the Priestley Medal in 2016, the highest honor given by the American Chemical Society. His work is the focus of the latest episode of ACS’ Prized Science series, available here:

Youtube ID: Vm8OBZuy-Fk

•    The series also highlights the work of Carol A. Fierke, who discusses the importance of mentors for women in STEM in this video:
•    An infographic on Annie Kersting's research on nanoparticle contamination is also available at the following link:

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