American and Korean Chemical Societies collaborate to recognize advancement of science

WASHINGTON, April 24, 2017 — The American Chemical Society (ACS) is pleased to announce a three-year collaboration with the Korean Chemical Society (KCS) to recognize outstanding contributions by distinguished scientists in Korea. The collaboration includes an annual award and a symposium.

The new ACS-KCS Excellence Award – sponsored by Chemical Abstracts Service, a division of the American Chemical Society –honors a scientist working in Korea who is excelling in the field of chemistry. The recipient is selected by KCS and receives a cash award, three-year complimentary access to SciFinder and a three-year ACS membership. The award will be presented annually during the KCS spring meeting.

For 2017, the ACS-KCS Excellence Award recipient is Sukbok Chang, Ph.D., a director of IBS, a professor at KAIST and an associate editor of ACS Catalysis. Chang is being honored for his development of catalytic systems enabling highly selective and efficient C-H functionalization of low reacting molecules. He received his award on April 20.

“KCS is pleased to partner with ACS to provide this award to Professor Chang,” says KCS President Chang-Hee Lee, Ph.D. “This provides an opportunity for us to honor a distinguished researcher contributing great advances in his or her field. Thanks to scientists like Professor Chang, research being shared with the world from Korea is changing people’s lives every day.”

As part of the KCS spring meeting, which occurred April 19-21 in Kintex, Goyang, ACS Publications also hosted a symposium entitled “Chemistry for Next-Generation Materials and Life Sciences.”  The symposium was jointly coordinated by Joon Won Park, POSTECH and chair of KCS’ Division of International Cooperation; Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford University and editor-in-chief of ACS Central Science; Jwa-Min Nam, Seoul National University and vice-chair of KCS’ Division of International Cooperation; and Christopher Chang, University of California, Berkeley and senior editor of ACS Central Science. The symposium featured distinguished keynote presentations from a variety of global scientific leaders.

“ACS is truly honored to maintain a close collaboration with our colleagues from KCS, and we congratulate Professor Chang and thank him for his contributions to the scientific community,” says ACS Executive Director and CEO Thomas Connelly Jr., Ph.D. “Our vision of improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry is only possible when global societies work together, and we appreciate this special opportunity to help promote scientific advancement in Korea along with our colleagues at KCS.”

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