ACS Kids Zone invites families to Aug. 18 hands-on science and outreach event in Boston

This special event is part of the ACS National Meeting & Exposition that will take place Aug. 19-23 in Boston. The national meeting is expected to welcome 15,000 attendees from around the world and more than 300 exhibitors, and it will feature more than 50 professional training courses and workshops.

What: Hands-on chemistry experiments for kids of all ages

Where: Boston Children’s Museum, 308 Congress St., Boston, MA 02210

When: Saturday, Aug. 18, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Who: Kids, families and everyone who’s interested in chemistry!

Hands-on activities will include:

Elements in Outer Space: Receive a special toy that reveals distinctive color patterns when exposed to light from different bulbs. Scientists use similar patterns to learn about far-away planets and stars.

Magic Nuudles: Build what you like using biodegradable pellets made of cornstarch. Long molecules, called polymers, keep structures together so that children can take home their creations.

Producing Oxygen Gas: Experience a chemical reaction while it’s in action by combining two safe substances in a plastic bag. Children feel a change in temperature and see bubbles as the bag inflates.

UV-Detecting Beads: Make a wristband that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet, or UV, light—a fun way for kids to find out when they need to protect themselves from the sun.

Colorful Lather Printing: Create colorful swirls in shaving cream. The water-attracting nature of paper allows children to transfer and keep their beautiful designs.

ACS community partners, such as C&EN Science Storytellers, the Cambridge Science Festival and the Museum of Science, will also host engaging hands-on programming. Attendees of the event will receive goodie bags with the children’s publication Celebrating Chemistry and other giveaways.

ACS Kids Zone social media: Event hashtags - #ACSKidsZone and #CelebratingChemistry; Twitter handle - @AmerChemSociety; Instagram handle - @AmerChemSociety; Web:

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