About the ACS/RSC Sustainability Alliance

Two of the world’s largest scientific societies—the American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)—are pooling resources to aid global efforts in finding solutions for problems caused by unprecedented worldwide population growth and shrinking availability of life-sustaining resources.

ACS (more than 163,000 members) is the world’s largest scientific society. RSC (47,500 members) is the largest European society for advancing the chemical sciences. Their alliance stems from a realization that the challenges of sustainability can’t be solved by a single organization or country. International collaboration is needed to sustain our environment and resources for future generations.

ACS and RSC are a natural fit to partner on the subject of sustainability. Even before the alliance, both had initiated significant efforts to address similar issues, and both had created special website sections dedicated to sustainability-related topics:

  • ACS’s Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions (GC/CS)
    A series of podcasts describing how cutting-edge research in chemistry advances the quest for solutions. Scientists describe research advances in their own words. Each podcast has a transcript, suggested reading, and learning resources suitable for the classroom. GC/CS is regularly updated with new episodes.
  • RSC’s Chemistry for Tomorrow’s World
    A publication that identifies areas where the chemical sciences can provide technological and sustainable solutions to global challenges. It provides a comprehensive description of priority areas for action, active challenges, and upcoming policy events. Also includes links and downloadable documents.