Meet the Scientists

Mansoor Amiji, Ph.D.

Mansoor Amiji, Ph.D., is Professor and Associate Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Department at Northeastern University in Boston. His specialty areas include polymeric biomaterials, advanced drug delivery systems and nanomedical technologies.  He is also Co-Director of Northeastern University Nanomedicine Education and Research Consortium (NERC). NERC oversees a doctoral training program in Nanomedicine Science and Technology that is co-funded by the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. In addition to numerous manuscripts and abstracts, Dr. Amiji has published three books: Applied Physical Pharmacy, Polymeric Gene Delivery: Principles and Applications, and Nanotechnology for Cancer Therapy.

Neil Reginald Beer, Ph.D.

Neil Reginald (“Reg”) Beer, Ph.D., is a scientist in the Chemical and Biological Countermeasures program at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in northern California.  Dr. Beer’s research interests include bringing real-world assays into the microfluidic domain to advance the quality of healthcare and counter infectious disease outbreaks through early detection.  He has invented several on-chip picoliter-scale droplet generation and manipulation systems for real-time nucleic acid amplification and detection.  His research demonstrated the ability to isolate and detect single-copy dilutions of virus, DNA, or RNA, within droplets approximately ten billionths of a liter in volume. 

Niren Murthy, Ph.D.

Niren Murthy, Ph.D.Niren Murthy, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.  His interdisciplinary laboratory focuses on the development of new materials for drug delivery and molecular imaging.  The Murthy laboratory has developed several new biomaterials, such as the polyketals and the peroxalate micelles, which are focused on improving the treatment and diagnosis of inflammatory diseases.  Dr. Murthy received the National Science Foundation CAREER award in 2006 and his laboratory is currently funded by the NSF and the National Institutes of Health.

Weihong Tan, Ph.D.

Weihong Tan, Ph.D., is a Chair Professor in Chemistry and a Professor at Physiology and Functional Genomics at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He is also Associate Director of the University of Florida’s Center of Research at Bio/Nano Interface and a Faculty Member at the University of Florida McKnight Brain Institute, Sands Cancer Center, and Genetics Institute. The Tan group is working on synthesizing a variety of DNA probes for biomedical studies, developing new nanomaterials and bionanotechnology for biophysics, bioanalysis, molecular imaging and drug delivery, and elucidating molecular foundation of diseases using a newly developed chemical biology approach, cell-SELEX. Using DNA probes as discovery tools, his group is able to discover disease-related biomarkers for cancer studies. His work has been recognized by many awards, including the Pittcon Achievement Award in 2004 and a Packard Foundation Science and Technology Award in 2004. In 2005, he was elected as a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Peter Wipf, Ph.D.

Peter Wipf, Ph.D., is the University Professor of Chemistry and Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh. He also serves as the Director of the Combinatorial Chemistry Center and the Center for Chemical Methodologies and Library Development, which are involved in many collaborative projects in Chemical Biology. His diverse research interests include natural product, organometallic, medicinal and computational chemistry. He has been a member of the organizing committee of several conferences and workshops, including the National Science Foundation Workshop on Organic Synthesis.