About Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions

Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions is a
series of podcasts describing some of the
21st Century’s most daunting problems, and
how cutting-edge research in chemistry
matters in the quest for solutions. This sweeping
panorama of global challenges includes
dilemmas such as providing a hungry,
thirsty world with ample supplies of safe
food and clean water; developing
alternatives to petroleum to fuel society;
preserving the environment and assuring a
sustainable future for our children; and
improving human health.

ACS issued a Final Report on the 2008 edition
of the Global Challenges project at a press
briefing at the National Press Club.
The Final Report — 30,000 words of text
based on input from more than 125 specialists —
also is available in an 80-page full-color book.
An easy-to-read digital version can be accessed.

Scientists discuss water safety and other water
quality issues at a briefing on the American
Chemical Society’s Global Challenges / Chemistry
Final Report. The briefing was held at
the National Press Building Broadcast Center.
From left: Charles Haas, Drexel University; William
Ball, Johns Hopkins University, and Marc Edwards,
Virginia Tech University.
Credit: Sam Hurd.