The Accidental Discovery of LSD: The Story of Bicycle Day

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Reactions Science Videos | April 11, 2017

Bicycle day's just around the corner, but it's not what you think. This isn't a holiday honoring your favorite two wheeled, environmentally friend vehicle - it's about the day chemist Albert Hoffman first discovered the psychedelic effects of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, or LSD-25. Today we're talking the chemical history of LSD, so get ready to turn on, tune in, but don't drop out... you might just learn something.


On Ergot -

Ergot Abortions -

Headache remedy -

Ergotamine -

Total Synthesis of Lysergic Acid -

LSD: My Problem Child -

Article on LSD Discovery -

Mystirc Chemist: The life of Albert Hofman -

Studies in the effects of LSD-25 -

Acid Dreams (book) -

Hoffman lives past 100 -

LSD test on mathematics -

Possible medical uses of psychedelics

LSD and Schizophrenia -

LSD and Alcoholism -

LSD issues -

More LSD Issues -

US Drug Scheduling -

St. Anthony’s fire and alchemy:

Ergotism and Salem witch trials possible connection …
Caporeal, L.R. Ergotism: The Satan loosed in Salem? Science 1976, 192(4234), p. 21-26.


2016: Survey of research antidepressive, anti-addictive, and anti-anxiety potentials in LSD.

Jan, 2017: study in Cell investigates the crystal structure of LSD and its biochemical effect on the brain.

Feb, 2017: study identifies serotonin receptor in brain respsobile for “feeling of meaning” and actually studies why LSD makes music sound.

Jan, 2017: A look into LSD induced psychedelic phosphenes, and the role of biocheemiluminescence.

Jan 2017: A look into why LSD is so difficult to find in urine tests.

2016: How LSD Affects Perception of Language

Jan 2016: How LSD affects Circadian Rhythm.


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