Do Astronauts Need Sunscreen?

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Reactions Science Videos | October 23, 2018

How do astronauts survive the deadly radiation of deep space? NASA is still figuring out how to protect astronauts from cosmic radiation -- like plastic shielding and magnetic deflectors.


How do astronauts protect themselves from the harmful UV rays of the sun in space?

Real Martians: How to Protect Astronauts from Space Radiation on Mars

How do we protect the astronauts from space radiation?

Radiation protection in space

How the Chemicals in Sunscreen Protect Our Skin

Understanding Space Radiation

Why Space Radiation Matters

How does radiation affect the human body in space?

Space Radiation Threat to Astronauts Explained (Infographic)

The Electromagnetic Spectrum


Space Faring The Radiation Challenge

NASA Likely to Break Radiation Rules to Go to Mars


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