What Are Tardigrades?

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Reactions Science Videos | October 9, 2018

It can survive drying out, extreme heat and cold, and even exposure to vacuum. The humble tardigrade can be found practically anywhere there’s enough water for it to live, and quite a few places there isn’t. This weird, ugly-cute little guy’s secret comes down to chemistry.


Tardigrades turn into glass to survive complete dehydration

The Secret of the Crazy-Tough Water Bear, Finally Revealed

How a Water Bear Survives, Even When It’s Dry

Tardigrades Use Intrinsically Disordered Proteins to Survive Desiccation

Intracellular Organic Osmolytes: Function and Regulation*

Trehalose and anhydrobiosis in tardigrades--evidence for divergence in responses to dehydration.

Trehalose in Three Species of De siccation Tolerant Tardigrades

Tardigrada, moss piglet, water bear


Tardigrades and anhydrobiosis Water bears

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