Why Does Stinky Cheese Stink?

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Reactions Science Videos | June 10, 2018

Some cheeses, like Epoisses, are so legendarily stinky they’re supposedly banned on public transit in France. It’s the chemistry of washed-rind cheeses that makes them such a smelly food.


What is a ‘washed-rind’ cheese? And why do they smell?

What Stinky Cheese Tells Us About the Science of Disgust

Why Do Some Cheeses Smell Bad, But Taste Good?

A Brief Guide to Great Stinky Cheeses

Scientists Uncover a Surprising World of Microbes in Cheese Rind

Cheese Rind Communities Provide Tractable Systems for In Situ and In Vitro Studies of Microbial Diversity

The Extremely Gross Reason Why Limburger Cheese Attracts Mosquitoes

The Lancet

digesting the science of fermented foods

Identification of a Novel Brevibacterium Species Isolated from Humans and Description of Brevibacterium sanguinis sp. nov.

Epoisses and Public Transportation

Omics-Based Insights into Flavor Development and Microbial Succession within Surface-Ripened Cheese

Fatty Acid Production from Amino Acids and α-Keto Acids by Brevibacterium linens BL2

What is Marc De Bourgogne?

The Chemistry of Body Odours – Sweat, Halitosis, Flatulence & Cheesy Feet

Production of volatile compounds by cheese-ripening yeasts: requirement for a methanethiol donor for S-methyl thioacetate synthesis by Kluyveromyces lactis.

Sulfur metabolism in bacteria associated with cheese

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