Are We Running Out of Helium?

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Reactions Science Videos | March 12, 2019

Did you realize that just like certain animals here on Earth, there are endangered elements, too? For example, we’re constantly losing helium, a gas that defies gravity and escapes our atmosphere into space. This incredible element is in high demand all over the globe. It’s also way too expensive to create in the laboratory, and that’s bad news for more than just your birthday party! This week on Reactions, we will explore innovations of the industrial era of helium, how much we have left and whether or not this element will go extinct.


We Discovered Helium 150 Years Ago. Are We Running Out?

Critical Elements Series: Helium Shortage to Occur in the Next 25-50 years

Endangered Elements

Discovery of Helium in Natural Gas at the University of Kansas


Discovery of new helium reserves a “game changer” for medical industry

Massive helium fields found in rift zone of Tanzania

The MRI Helium Crisis: Past and Future


Helium's Ballooning Price may Fly Even Higher

The U.S. Research Community’sLiquid Helium Crisis

Periodic Table: Helium

Helium should be recycled


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