Can a Fecal Transplant Save You From This Dangerous Bacteria?

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Reactions Science Videos | August 06, 2019

Every year, around half a million people in the United States get sick from C. diff bacteria, often after taking antibiotics. Sounds counterintuitive? This week on Reactions, we break down why that happens, and how an unlikely hero could save the day.

C. diff recurrence

C. difficile infection symptoms

Fecal transplants to treat C. difficile

C. diff infection

C. diff diagnosis

Trehalose sugar makes C. diff infection worse

C. diff antibiotic resistance

C. diff FAQs with the CDC


Crystal structure of C diff toxin A

C. diff toxins A and B

Vancomycin and fidaxomicin


C. diff and fecal transplant

Bacterial endospores

Probiotics for C. diff infection

FDA warning about FMT

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