Five things you might not want to mix with birth control

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Reactions Science Videos | August 20, 2019

Many forms of birth control are hormone-based--but not everything mixes well with those hormones. This week on Reactions, learn about some common products that could make your birth control less effective or cause dangerous side effects.


Activated charcoal SEM images

St. Johns Wort -n Article 1

St. Johns Wort -n Article 2

St. Johns Wort -n Article 3

Activated charcoal interview with gastroenterologist

Grapefruit and estrogen

Smoking, contraceptives, and stroke

The pill and diarrhea

Hormonal contraceptives and stroke

Birth control and stroke risk

Ischemic stroke and oral contraceptives

Coagulation and oral contraceptives

Grapefruit juice and ethylene estradiol

Grapefruit medication interactions

Grapefruit juice--drug interactions

The pill and the women’s liberation movement

Smoking and stroke

CYP450 and estrogen

FDA report on mixing grapefruit juice with different drugs

Stroke and low dose COCs

Smoking and coagulation

Smoking and fibrin

Hormonal contraceptives and stroke

Activated charcoal pores

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