Is White Chocolate Actually Chocolate?

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Reactions Science Videos | Febrary 07, 2019

Today we’re showing our love for the redheaded stepchild of the chocolate world, white chocolate. It may lack the rich flavor of milk chocolate and the glossy brown color of dark chocolate. Many people even argue it’s not really chocolate at all. What is it about this creamy candy that sets it apart from the darker chocolates we know and love so well?


Flavor Chemistry of Cocoa and Cocoa Products—An Overview


The World’s Best White Chocolate Page 3: Percent Cacao & Cocoa Butter

Also known as Compound Chocolate or Chocolate Coating - What is White Chocolate?

Periodic graphics: chocolate chemistry


Chocolate and Cocoa Butter—Structure and Composition

Developing functional white chocolate by incorporating different forms of EPA and DHA - Effects on product quality

Factors influencing rheological and textural qualities in chocolate – a review

Chocolate: the sweet taste of ... chemistry?

Flavor Chemistry of Cocoa and Cocoa Products—An Overview

From Bean To Bar

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