The Secret to Roasting Amazing Potatoes According to Chemistry

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Reactions Science Videos | November 25, 2019

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Making delicious roasted potatoes is all about finding the right texture and consistency. Here at Reactions, we were inspired to give it a go after seeing J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s delicious recipe on Serious Eats. Today we’ll use chemistry (are you surprised?!) to create the roasted potatoes of your dreams. Get ready to wow your family and friends this holiday season.


Best roast potatoes from serious eats

Improving potato nutrition with processing

Vinegar roast potatoes

Cooking treatments and potatoes

The influence of potato chemical composition on crisp texture

The texture of crisps depended on the content of starch in potato tubers and nitrogen substances and non-starch polysaccharides. Among non-starch polysaccharides, protopectins had the most important influence on crisp texture.

Comparison of potato amylopectin starches and potato starches — influence of year and variety

Survey of Major and Minor Sugar and Starch Components of the White Potato

The determination of the cooking quality of potatoes

The perfect potato

Best for mashed potatoes

Potato varieties

Encyclopedia of Food Sciences and Nutrition
Effect of Acid Hydrolysis on Starch Structure and Functionality: A Review

Potato Starch Paste Behavior as Related to Some Physical/Chemical Properties

The synergistic effects of amylose and phosphorus on rheological, thermal and nutritional properties of potato starch and gel

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