You Died. Now What? Here's 11 Things You Could Do With Your Dead Body

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Reactions Science Videos | December 18, 2019

After you die, your body has quite a few options –– from being turned into a diamond to helping solve a murder. This week, let us break down the possibilities so you can rest easy.

Human body preservation – old and new techniques

Lenin’s embalmed body

Lincoln’s embalming

Arsenic toxicity

Encyclopedia of mortuary practices

Modernity in medicine and hygiene at the end of the 19th century: the example of cremation

Burnt human remains

Body Worlds Plastination

Human composting

Mercury in dental amalgam

Cremation air pollution

Compounds released into the air by cremation

Ever wonder why dogs sniff each others' butts? Or how Adderall works? Or whether it's OK to pee in the pool? We've got you covered: Reactions a web series about the chemistry that surrounds you every day.

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