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How is it raining plastic?!

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Reactions Science Videos | August 18, 2021

Every year, more than 1,000 tons of plastic rain down onto national parks and wilderness areas in the western U.S. In this week’s episode, we talk about where that plastic comes from, and we look for it in rain that falls on Washington, D.C.

Laboratory Methods for the Analysis of Microplastics in the Marine Environment

What are microplastics?

Marine debris fact sheet

Ecotoxicological effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms: a review

Time to Safeguard the Future Generations from the Omnipresent Microplastics
Microplastics and human health         

Synthetically engineered microbial scavengers for enhanced bioremediation

Microplastics in the soil-groundwater environment: Aging, migration, and co-transport of contaminants - A critical review

The potential effects of microplastics on human health: What is known and what is unknown

A review on occurrence, characteristics, toxicology and treatment of nanoplastic waste in the environment

Evidence from in vitro and in vivo studies on the potential health repercussions of micro- and nanoplastics

Plastic Rain Is the New Acid Rain

Plastic Rain: More Than 1,000 Tons Of Microplastic Rain Onto Western US

Plastic rain in protected areas of the United States

Microplastics are raining down from the sky

Forget acid rain. Plastic rain is now falling across the U.S.

It's raining plastic: microscopic fibers fall from the sky in Rocky Mountains

‘It is raining plastic’: Scientists find colorful microplastic in rain

Imari Walker on microplastics

Duke’s Imari Walker Uses YouTube to Explain Dangers of Plastic Water Bottles in Entertaining Fashion

Quantification of Microplastics and Microfibers on U.S. National Park Beaches

The microplastics crisis: you are the first responder

In utero exposure to di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate and duration of human pregnancy.

Bisphenol A (BPA)

Effects of the Endocrine-Disrupting Chemical DDT on Self-Renewal and Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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